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Any update on the midnight calf jodhpur boot? How would people feel about a dark grey/charcoal suede version as well?   
Anyone know a store selling a dark cognac PTB?
Alden NY has a ravello ptb in 11.5D up for grabs, sadly they didn't order my size this time around. If anyone spots a 12D pair, please give me a shout out. 
Plaza is such a sexy last, there really needs to be more boots done on it. 
 The only concern I have going with AS is their requirement of 15 people compared to 6 from Carmina. I'd love to try their brand of shoes for an MTO, but not quite sure the goal can be reached soon.
 Probably around 650 GBP (Inc VAT), with a 6 month delivery date, and would require 15 people. Edit: APS posted the price excluding AT above. I'm thinking about getting the boot done by Carmina as a group MTO (875$) with a 3 month delivery time.  Carmina rain last, Model: 80092 W/ short wing (no brogue)blind eyeletsScotch grain/dark cognac shellDouble leather soles
 Steveyo at Gentlemanfootwear got carmina to do a shell Jodhpur after getting denied the first time.
^  I'm open to both dainite or double leather with toe taps in shell cognac and grain upper. 
What would be the price point for a shell boot?    A dark cognac Pitt boot, a square toe greely boot or a scotch grain/shell miller boot would be awesome.   Some inspiration:
 JL/Carmina was a recent addition, I believe they started stocking them early to mid august.  Was kinda surprised they picked up Carmina since last year they mentioned picking up Alden.
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