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 It would be amazing if more shoemakers did this! If a company is gonna offer an MTO program, this should at the very least be an option.
 Gotta admit the end result looks a lot better than the progress pics. I'm interested in seeing how well the whole batch of boots turn out, If Meermin is able to keep their QC somewhat in the ballpark of AE, I'm gonna reconsider making my first Meermin MTO purchase.
 How many people would we need to do two types? I'm not feeling the round toe of the Olfe.  I'd prefer the new/modified last posted a couple pages back which should be able to match the sleekness of the AS Jodhpur posted.
Any update on the midnight calf jodhpur boot? How would people feel about a dark grey/charcoal suede version as well?   
Anyone know a store selling a dark cognac PTB?
Alden NY has a ravello ptb in 11.5D up for grabs, sadly they didn't order my size this time around. If anyone spots a 12D pair, please give me a shout out. 
Plaza is such a sexy last, there really needs to be more boots done on it. 
 The only concern I have going with AS is their requirement of 15 people compared to 6 from Carmina. I'd love to try their brand of shoes for an MTO, but not quite sure the goal can be reached soon.
 Probably around 650 GBP (Inc VAT), with a 6 month delivery date, and would require 15 people. Edit: APS posted the price excluding AT above. I'm thinking about getting the boot done by Carmina as a group MTO (875$) with a 3 month delivery time.  Carmina rain last, Model: 80092 W/ short wing (no brogue)blind eyeletsScotch grain/dark cognac shellDouble leather soles
 Steveyo at Gentlemanfootwear got carmina to do a shell Jodhpur after getting denied the first time.
New Posts  All Forums: