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Just got my WvG bamboo shirts, the quality of the fabric is so incredibly soft, probably the softest t-shirt I've ever felt! My wife was trying to steal a couple out of my box haha.
Sure thing Leaves!  Edit: Oh man those soles, simply gorgeous! I think a second MTO is in order :)
Got some Enzo bonafe MTO black chukkas on the round last coming in this month, when they arrive I'll add to the sizing. 
 I believe the Carmina Paris store had this exact makeup.
 You could call the retail stores of Carmina for delivery. I believe the Carmina retail store models are 25€ more than the online store prices, plus 20-30€ in shipping. 
Wonder if the deal would apply to shoes not available on the online shop. Been waiting awhile for a shell cognac PTB or PT boot, but Carmina hardly updates their online shop. 
Beautiful chukka boots Doughie!
 Did you try stuffing the shoes with newspaper? That usually helps dry them out pretty quickly. Truly sorry what happened to your shoes, that guys sounds beyond ignorant. Who in their right mind is afraid of a well kept, shoe collection, absolutely mind boggling. 
I understand wanting to make a webpage that allows for a large zoom, a shadow box could've achieved the same effect while being a more pleasant experience. Strangely the layout has a much better effect on lower resolutions like 800x600, and 1024x768, but the layout doesn't scale up in resolution very well. So unless someone is viewing the page from an older computer or an ipad, it'll probably cause problems for them. As for the zoom, in my Chrome browser, the zoom picture...
 The website is a nice improvement from before, but the layout is still unintuitive. The constant need to always look to the very far left of the webpage to read the most important information,  and to look at the very far right to see the picture of the item puts a huge strain on my eyes.  I don't know if you guys have a web designer on board, but your website is making a lot of ecommerces sins.
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