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Anyone know a retailer for japanese cordovan? Tried contacting the tannery directly, and was told they're not accepting anymore customers.
The nsuited site seems pretty sluggish, maybe on a workbook or on a low end laptop it could crash the browser. 
The navy shell wholecut is available from their online store for 525€ ($708), plus they're currently offering free worldwide shipping. The downside is you might get hit with importing fees, so leatherfoot might be a better option for $850. I don't think you're gonna find a cheaper offering than what's readily available. 
Started breaking in my black chukka boots Enzo Bonafé MTO.  
How many medallions does Carmina offer? I think I've seen 4 or 5 at most. Wonder if they have any that are more long & thin, like these Alden designs.  
It's a shame this didn't come up at the end of the month, definitely would have joined in. 
Thank you Kwhite. I thought that was the general consensus, but wanted to be sure. Was thinking of snagging the size 13 SF boot in black shell from LS, but it'll be a half size too big. 
Do you guys go up a half size from barrie to plaza?
What's the sizing range for these?
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