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That navy chamois is pretty awesome looking, certainly a suede-ish appearance. A PTB boot with brass eyelets would be sick!
How concerned should one be about the size variances with vass shoes? Are these variances for the same last, but different shoe styles just a couple mm different or are we talking full to half size differences?
Would anyone be interested in doing the boot below in saddle or dark cognac cordovan as a plain captoe?   Last: Rain Color: Saddle or Dark cognac Sole: Single (270 degree) flat leather sole or tomir rubber sole edge dressing: dark brown Lining: Open All blind eyelets     A couple Alden examples:  
If york would cause any structural issues, then I'd opt for dainite if we're doing single. If double soles, then one piece leather with a piece dainite. As long as I don't need to fuss with getting toe taps installed, I'm happy.
edit: nvm, got through and order placed!
Would a single leather/Tomir rubber sole work better for you? I'm open to all rubber soles types.or a york sole (although, not sure if Carmina is still doing york or not)   edit: On an unrelated note, What's the benefit of having speed hooks on boots? Wouldn't wrapping the laces around the shaft be just as handy, or would speed hooks let you tie the laces tighter? Also is there any risk of the hooks damaging the leather, like coming loose or ripping? I'm in for the U wing...
The zig-zag edge that's on the wingtip shell brogue, not sure if pinking is the official name, but it looks like little jagged teeth. Since it's gonna be a U-wing boot, was hoping to keep it clean, and not have the zig-zag edge if possible. 
@Namor   Were you thinking of pinking on the wing, or leaving the edge of the wing smooth like on the U-wing brogue. I'm in favor of no pinking to keep it more like the U-wing brogue with the medallion you photoshopped. 
I meant for the cordovan section, It seems to be only shoes, and boots/high boots combined into one. There's no price difference listed like the calf section.
I noticed this when comparing Vass boots to Alden, the Vass boots looked significantly taller. Would be nice if Vass offered a price difference for their Ankle, mid range, and high boots. Would love some shell boots, but don't need them going up so high.
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