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Is grey silk or blue silk making a comeback? 
plain loafer in snuff suede- single leather sole- uetam last
If anyone has plans to do a plum museum calf MTO again, please let me know. I have vivid dreams of these babies in museum plum.    
Agreed!  It would be a good idea to post ideas for orders you're about to place as well, and let people secure a size before the order is confirmed.
It would probably help if Kathy submitted the order with a number she was comfortable with in various sizes, and just did a lottery for each size. At least the boot would get made and some people from the sign-up would walk away happy.
First nice shoe:   Florsheim black pebble grain LWB   First Alden:   N/A (waiting for a PT cigar or ravello boot)   First Shell:   Brandy shell/loden suede wingtip boot via Enzo bonafe
http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3465222 Carmina is running a free worldwide shipping promotion currently, ends December some time. I'm just going off of what engar wrote, that he paid 400€ for them. If meermin is charging less than 400€, then you'd be hard pressed to find similar model.
For 50€ more, you could've snagged the Carmina version of this boot, plus with free shipping.
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