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Agreed!  It would be a good idea to post ideas for orders you're about to place as well, and let people secure a size before the order is confirmed.
It would probably help if Kathy submitted the order with a number she was comfortable with in various sizes, and just did a lottery for each size. At least the boot would get made and some people from the sign-up would walk away happy.
First nice shoe:   Florsheim black pebble grain LWB   First Alden:   N/A (waiting for a PT cigar or ravello boot)   First Shell:   Brandy shell/loden suede wingtip boot via Enzo bonafe
http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3465222 Carmina is running a free worldwide shipping promotion currently, ends December some time. I'm just going off of what engar wrote, that he paid 400€ for them. If meermin is charging less than 400€, then you'd be hard pressed to find similar model.
For 50€ more, you could've snagged the Carmina version of this boot, plus with free shipping.
That navy chamois is pretty awesome looking, certainly a suede-ish appearance. A PTB boot with brass eyelets would be sick!
How concerned should one be about the size variances with vass shoes? Are these variances for the same last, but different shoe styles just a couple mm different or are we talking full to half size differences?
Would anyone be interested in doing the boot below in saddle or dark cognac cordovan as a plain captoe?   Last: Rain Color: Saddle or Dark cognac Sole: Single (270 degree) flat leather sole or tomir rubber sole edge dressing: dark brown Lining: Open All blind eyelets     A couple Alden examples:  
If york would cause any structural issues, then I'd opt for dainite if we're doing single. If double soles, then one piece leather with a piece dainite. As long as I don't need to fuss with getting toe taps installed, I'm happy.
New Posts  All Forums: