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4 months of use and you expect the paint not to chip? As long as the leather isn't splitting apart or the hardware isn't broken, it's not really that big of a QC issue.    Worst case, you got a solid belt with nickel hardware instead of that gun metal finish.
It doesn't look dangerous to the longevity of the shoe, so maybe try putting some shoe cream on it and see if that improves the appearance. Alternatively a cobbler could probably remove it or cut it away.
Is grey silk or blue silk making a comeback? 
plain loafer in snuff suede- single leather sole- uetam last
If anyone has plans to do a plum museum calf MTO again, please let me know. I have vivid dreams of these babies in museum plum.    
Agreed!  It would be a good idea to post ideas for orders you're about to place as well, and let people secure a size before the order is confirmed.
It would probably help if Kathy submitted the order with a number she was comfortable with in various sizes, and just did a lottery for each size. At least the boot would get made and some people from the sign-up would walk away happy.
First nice shoe:   Florsheim black pebble grain LWB   First Alden:   N/A (waiting for a PT cigar or ravello boot)   First Shell:   Brandy shell/loden suede wingtip boot via Enzo bonafe
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