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I could be wrong, but they very much look like burgundy shell on my screen.
Enzo bonafe in brandy shell / loden suede shaft. They're still unfinished for fitting purposes, but couldn't wait to snap a few picks!
Can you post a comparison of the new plum vs old plum? I'm interested in seeing color/effect difference between the two. 
Such wealth..  so  wow.
Do you happen to have flat feet? I actually have the very same issue on a pair of Enzo Bonafe chukka boots, the problem for my pair seems to be the volume in the lacing area is too much, so I have to tie them a bit tighter than normal. I think if I added a pad or an additional insole it would correct the problem. 
Fuck that green and merlot are calling my name! I wish this showed up in march since I already got an MTO arriving soon.
That still is the case even with the new tannery making museum calf?
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