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That still is the case even with the new tannery making museum calf?
Absolutely not, it's just a cost saving measure. I only mentioned it because Meermin is the only brand that has a seam placed there for their LWB. Normally I would recommending letting the retailer deal with all defects in shoes that shouldn't be unreasonable, but because it's an international company, taking it to a cobbler would probably be more cost effective.
Are they brand new? I don't see any obvious creasing or wear on the soles. You might want to contact Meermin (guessing because of the seam) about getting it fixed, or try a local cobbler.
Any museum MTO's coming up soon? Something in a navy, plum, or pewter would be great.
Thanks for the response. I was hoping the gianni's ran a half size larger like the barrie last since I'm a TTS 12.5. Guess I'll have to take a gamble and try a 12D since I don't R&L sells half sizes larger than 11.5.
Are they the same size?
Can't believe I talked myself outta buying those Gianni's last sale! Simply stunning!
Congrats, that's an amazing accomplishment!  Same thing happened to me, used to be way up there ca 400-450, and wearing a size 13-13.5D, my feet were like deflated footballs. Last year I lost more than half my body weight and became a solid 12.5.
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