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My experience was the opposite, needed a full size up from detroit to forest last. It's probably because of the low instep of the detroit that fit my feet better than the forest. 
Detroit is pretty roomy in my experience, very similar fit to Alden's barrie last.
When removing the dye from the leather does it end up damaging the texture/softness of the leather? I got some black calf chukka boots coming in and been thinking of stripping some black dye off the toe/heel and replace it with violet.
Incredibly shoes JHP, they look perfectly constructed.
It was a jumper boot with brass eyelets, though not sure if it went into production or not.   
How would people feel about a green shell wingtip boot? (Added 2 pics to try and capture the true color)  
I'm interested in the Two Eyelet Derby. I'd also like the jodhpur boot model in green, or navy suede w/ brass hardware, and a matching shell strap. 
How would people feel about a round toe last instead of the rain?
Dang, guess they didn't maximize the radica leather so everyone got the same quality.    The shoe snob did a great post explaining how shoe companies use their hides. (for anyone interested) http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/06/leather-quality-how-it-varies.html
try theshoemart.com   They have brand new shoes, and if you call you can get on an irregulars (seconds) list which are brand new shoes with a flaws ranging from small blemishes to very noticeable blemishes.      For example: http://www.theshoemart.com/mas_assets/detail/ALD/FD-901.jpg   Price: 435$ new Irregular list: 299$
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