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Dang, guess they didn't maximize the radica leather so everyone got the same quality.    The shoe snob did a great post explaining how shoe companies use their hides. (for anyone interested) http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/06/leather-quality-how-it-varies.html
try theshoemart.com   They have brand new shoes, and if you call you can get on an irregulars (seconds) list which are brand new shoes with a flaws ranging from small blemishes to very noticeable blemishes.      For example: http://www.theshoemart.com/mas_assets/detail/ALD/FD-901.jpg   Price: 435$ new Irregular list: 299$
Besides the terrible job there, how do you feel the leather was utilized? Did you end up with creases in any weird places?
The Meermin museum pair? 
True, but since this would be an MTO it would give us a chance to make something different than RTW.
Would anyone be interested in a Parisian brown museum calf makeup? Since we would need 25 orders to get the Parisian brown museum calf, we probably could do 2 different styles like one boot and one shoe. I got a few ideas below, but open to suggestions.   (Parisian brown)   1: Balmorra boot Parisian bottom w/ suede upper   2: Derby boot (Parisian bottom w/ pebble or hatch grain chocolate upper)   3. (2 or 3 eyelet) Derby   4. single monk
I'm also interested in a proxy for Raleigh.
Great thread, very informative. Subbed!
Would Meermin require a different cut for every single last of the same shoe model? I may end up sounding ignorant, but I thought the issue with off center placements wouldn't actually be the cut of the upper, but in fact the placement of the upper to the last (e.g the upper not aligned properly to the center of the toe.)   I'm sure if other brands of comparable quality/price range can avoid this, Meermin can correct it. I'm curious if their QC issues are a top priority...
NSW looks off center on the left shoe.. but could be just the angle.
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