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Ravello boot w/ medallion on plaza last or Cigar atom blucher sans medallion.
Congrats! and will do!
Mauro, do you plan on doing jackets? I'd love to see you tackle a wool/cashmere overcoat.   BTW anyone on the fence about joining the tote program, DO IT! The deals are too insane to pass up! 50% off all year around, and first rights to sales with 70% off, totally worth the 75$. Already made my money back in saving on this sale alone.
WFG? Would I be able to order 2 sheets through them? 
Those boots aged beautifully! Do you know any online stores that sell Shinki Cordovan? 
Is it difficult to get a MTO done directly from Vass, and what's the price range for their shoes and boots?
Can we expect a wider variety of shell cordovan colors sometime down the line? I'm thinking something more tradition like a whiskey or natural shell, and dark brown? 
My experience was the opposite, needed a full size up from detroit to forest last. It's probably because of the low instep of the detroit that fit my feet better than the forest. 
Detroit is pretty roomy in my experience, very similar fit to Alden's barrie last.
When removing the dye from the leather does it end up damaging the texture/softness of the leather? I got some black calf chukka boots coming in and been thinking of stripping some black dye off the toe/heel and replace it with violet.
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