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Thank you Roger! I'm absolutely loving them, and can't believe how comfortable they are. I was under the impression that cordovan could be a very dense material which could cause some discomfort over extend periods, but I haven't had one problem with them yet.  @Leaves Those makeups sound incredible! Can't wait to see how they turn out! 
Brandy shell cordovan / loden suede single piece wingtip boot MTO (Bespoke lasted) via D'Boiss Tallinn.   These boots feature a single piece wing that stretches from the front to the counter. brass eyelets / speed hooks, and a specially made heel that's a mix between a flat heel and a block heel. Straight out of the box these have been the most comfortable boots I've worn, definitely recommend that if any of you have the chance to get a bespoke last fitting, go ahead and...
closed out.
@hentaisan   It looks like dark cognac. Carmina offers saddle, cognac (mid brow), and (dark) cognac which is usually a batch of cognac that was tanned darker than normal. 
That's exactly my point. If a customer with prior experience purchasing internationally finds meermin, they would assume a purchase would be out the door within a week, and then another 3 weeks international shipping, and expect a total delivery time of one month. However when their operation begins in China, then sent to Spain, then sent to the customer, a realistic time frame goes from one month to 60 - 90 days. Meermin needs to be upfront about this, it's obvious don't...
Have you heard of any shoe makers that are similar quality to C&J, but avoid retailers and sell direct to consumers? 
He sounds like a person that'll never be satisfied because Meermin's production line operates like a 70s magazine mail order? How absurd. Unless Meermin advertises on their website an estimated time frame an order takes, then any criticism or negative feedback they receive is well deserved. When purchasing shoes, it's the clients job to research a proper fit, but to research a company's production methods, and time frame isn't, that shit needs to be transparent.  Meermin...
I could be wrong, but they very much look like burgundy shell on my screen.
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