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Hi Gents,   Does anyone know of a professional shoe antiquing service in Europe? Recently I manufactured a line of suede weekender bags and one of them turned out a bit different than I wanted. I'd like to have someone professionally darken the light mint green color to a dark navy blue. 
The idea of a shell sneaker is killer, and most of the colors were awesome choices. I'm slightly concern about the sole wearing because of how I walk normally, but I'll take up a suggestion from other forum members and add an additional layer of rubber to the soles. If someone didn't bring up the idea of adding more rubber to the soles, I would've had to regretfully passed.   What I'd love to buy for next round would be a Plum, or Forest Green shell, or maybe a black...
What an unexpected surprise! Picked up a pair of the oxblood, glad I didn't miss this release.
Apparently I crossed the wrong donut, and he decided to fight back by squirting on my cordovan boots. Any tips for removing a jelly stain?
Not at all, it's just a fat wrinkle, Probably a piece of leather near the belly section, still decent. 
It's a like a medium brown, a tad bit darker than whiskey.
The topic of a workers appearance can relate to their pride in the quality of their work is an interesting subject. I think there is some truths in both management a top down / bottom up approach to production. If an employee wishes to take more time, or redo a section of a shoe because it doesn't fit the quality of shoes they built in the past, but management decides it'll work against their bottom line, then the employee loses all chance of following the lead of quality...
Thank you Roger! I'm absolutely loving them, and can't believe how comfortable they are. I was under the impression that cordovan could be a very dense material which could cause some discomfort over extend periods, but I haven't had one problem with them yet.  @Leaves Those makeups sound incredible! Can't wait to see how they turn out! 
Brandy shell cordovan / loden suede single piece wingtip boot MTO (Bespoke lasted) via D'Boiss Tallinn.   These boots feature a single piece wing that stretches from the front to the counter. brass eyelets / speed hooks, and a specially made heel that's a mix between a flat heel and a block heel. Straight out of the box these have been the most comfortable boots I've worn, definitely recommend that if any of you have the chance to get a bespoke last fitting, go ahead and...
New Posts  All Forums: