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Thanks for the various heads-ups! I think we just missed some discounted stuff from Drake's and Trunk Clothiers at the Monocle 'Christmas Fayre' last week.
Really good price. Someone grab these.
Pretty sure that's a civilian US Army Airforce A-2 flight jacket. It's not milspec/replica because it doesn't have knit cuffs, amon other things. The G1 was a US Navy coat and it comes with a fur-lined collar.
Nice shoes. Do you know what last this is on? Are they double soled? And what is the colour? Thanks.
Great price on the gunboats
Interested in a L but depending on colour. Very good price -- how much was Armoury charging?
What's the pricing like for Islay C range?
I've got a pair of high-quality suede bucks that are surplus to requirements. This was the first item I ever bought off B&S so I'd like to let it go for a song. Description Church's 'Dover' Stone colour (a very light beige) Marked UK8F fitting, or normal width Very thick and hefty leather, heavier and more robust than the typical suede buck. Unique four-eyelet design Round, but slightly tapered toe box. Slightly more sophisticated last than the typical suede...
Hi everyone, I've been in London for a month and a half and I know a few other members who have also just moved here. I was wondering if people would be interested in a meetup of old and new London members? Depending on the response, I could get in touch to be an Official Styleforvm Ambassador as well. I'm thinking a nice wine or whisky bar for drinks. Anyway, reply to register your interest!
Thanks for the tip. Checking them out right now.
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