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Very nice quote... generous price.
DROPPED to 220! I've got a pair of the much sought after Polo Ralph Lauren "Darlton" full brogue derbies in dark brown shell cordovan. US9D. Made by Crockett and Jones. They have been shoe-treed, regularly cleaned and conditioned with Saphir. There is some natural darkening along the vamp. The soles and heel have been quite worn, see pics for reference. However, these are stout shoes with double-leather soles, so they still have a ways to go. For that reason, they are...
What are those hats called?
Wow, brilliant. Lots of stuff here.
Hi folks,I've got a couple of top of the line Boglioli sportcoats (K Jacket line) in wool in staple navy blue that are surplus to requirements. All the usual unstructured Boglioli goodies on these.Price includes international shipping from London to anywhere in the world... discount if you're in the UK! (Updated with pics and measurements)HerringboneMaterial: 100% wool, but with a gauzy herringbone weave. Very light, smooth, soft feel. I like this one a lot.Colour:...
Are these still available?
I've been going the bespoke route -- or Uniqlo on knockdown discount prices -- for trousers because OTR trou have a hard time agreeing with my body shape. But it looks like the Cordings cut as described here might work out perfectly for me. High rise, lots of ease in the seat and thigh, and tapered through the knee and ankle. The closest thing I've found so far is PRL's Preston cut, but even then I have them tapered at the tailor. Luckily, I find myself living in London,...
ugh, too big for me.
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