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Does this mean it was made by Chester Barrie for Turnbull and Asser? How do you know the maker? Has this been worn or is it dead stock or something? Thanks.
Any info on the seersucker?
40 bucks each? or for both?
I'm definitely in for this.
I'd like to second that. Was just browsing C&J chelseas and was disappointed by the combinations. I basically want a brown dainite sole chelsea, maybe chromexcel maybe not, but there's only one option.. I think it's the chelsea 5? The other version with the v-shaped elastic tab would have been perfect, but it's in either black cmxl or suede.
Is that pebble grain?
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I think 'hand welted' means that a person joined the welt, upper and sole. Hand lasted just means a person stretched the upper over the last to ensure an optimal fit.
You should go to the very underrated Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and (maybe) Bangkok, Bali, Phuket. Singapore if you feel like throwing your cash away.
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