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For SFers in the UK: Selling J Crew trad seersucker trou A pair of BNWT Boggi Milano chinos in bottle green Corneliani pure linen shorts All super low starting bids. Ending soon! Click here
For 15.5" collars and 40's: 40L Dunhill sportcoat peak lapel, one button >>>click here 40R Chester Barrie extra-wide lapel sportcoat sheperds check >>here's the link 15.5" PRL Regent spread collar light blue >>here's the link also PM me for shipping please and feel free to make offers as well.
Oops, sorry just saw this. I haven't checked to see if they've been altered but you are quite right, they are definitely short. I would have to lengthen them if I were to keep and wear. Such lovely cloth, though.
Beautiful Chester Barrie Savile Row Double-breasted sportcoat Dark grey with chalkstripe Buttons 4 x 1 100% pure new wool Excellent condition. No rips, stains or tears Not tagged, but measures to a 40S. Pit to pit: 20" Shoulders: 18" Bottom of collar to hem of coat: 28.5" Sleevehead to hem: 22.75" Colour is a dark grey, just a few shades short of charcoal. Stripe is a chalkstripe, a slightly more styish option compared to a pinstripe. The coat projects an aura of...
Hah, I just thought of Terrorsquad when I chanced on this thread.
Thanks for the responses. This does not look like it was applied at the factory. It's far too uneven. It does look like someone applied a few coats of dark brown paste wax to it -- I've done the same with tan coloured shoes in the past and this is just what they looked like. After the renomat dried, I put a coat of renovateur on it. Now the shoe is completely dry, I can see that a bit of the tan dye has come off in places near the toe. But the brown paste wax remains....
I have a question about removing old polish with Renomat. I just got a pair of ebayed Loake chukkas in English tan. The toes have had dark brown wax applied to them. So I did what the Renomat pictoral instructions said and brushed, applied Renomat, left for 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes -- no difference, literally! I then did another round of Renomat, with the extra step of taking a small applicator brush to the toes after the Renomat had settled in for a few...
Hey everyone, First off, what a wealth of information on this thread. Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing so generously. I've recently become reacquainted with ebay -- largely due to Spoo's listings! -- because I now live in London, a place where buying on Ebay regularly won't kill me on shipping. Previously I lived in various cities in Asia, where it was less feasible to buy stuff regularly, so I didn't really bother. Anyway, I guess my basic question is: Where do you...
Allen Edmonds Delray US9D $130 shipped anywhere. Chilli. Very little wear. No known issues. Regularly Saphir'd. >>See gallery at top of post for pics.
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