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Been going on for a week or two now, but Marco Evani @ 63rd & 3rd is closing and has "30, 40, 50% off" / "everything must go" signs out front.  Only had a minute to look around and nothing stuck out to me, but others might have better luck.  Don't know much about the brand, but they always have some nice looking shoes & ties in the storefront.  Well out of my price range...
Received my shoes after just over a week.  Seller was very responsive and shoes are beautiful.  Pictures won't load for some reason, but I purchased Fifth Avenues (D. Brown), Park Avenues (Black), and Strands (Walnut).  Also ordered and received an AE Dress Belt in Walnut.   Thank you!
A few new purchases arrived this week.  Thanks to forum member allaboutshoes!   A graduation gift to myself, and the beginning of another expensive journey...    Pictured: Fifth Avenue (D. Brown); Strands (Walnut); Park Avenue (Black)  
My wardrobe is in horrible need of an update, but this is still a no brainer - travel.  A cruise might not be my first choice (as many others have mentioned), but it's still a hell of a nice way to get away from it all and not have to worry about scheduling anything.  I get bored within a day or two of sitting on a beach somewhere, so the changing scenery of a cruise alleviates that somewhat.  Still, you're young - go backpack across Europe for a few weeks, hit up...
    Awesome.  Picked up a set of 3, thanks!
Finally a thread on SF I can contribute something to!   About 30 miles in Central Park today, with about 10 intermediate sprint points along the way. 
Really like the responses so far!  I'm currently living in NYC, so as you said, a lot of things are available here one way or another already.  The umbrella/covert coat (this was totally new to me and looks amazing)/ fair isle sweaters are exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for.   This forum is such a great source of knowledge, thank you.
As the title says - if you were visiting London for the first time and wanted to drop $300-$1000 on some sartorial goodness to remember the trip, what would you choose?  Can be one item or multiple - clothes/accessories/shoes/ties all acceptable! Interested to see some of your choices.     
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