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I'm moving to Chattanooga, TN. They are going through a massive gentrification right now, and I'm getting in before every property is bought up. It's all open, pretty much gutted. I've considered building some "moveable" walls, not screens, to close in areas, or open them up for art gallery showings. I prefer it to be colder, so i suppose the heating won't be to much of a hassle. Does anyone know of any websites geared for loft living? I appreciate the input about...
So I'm going to be moving into a loft in the oncoming months. I'm upgrading, but I wondered if anyone had any pros or cons to loft living. I'm really excited about downtown living, but i need to know what I'm in for.
thanks for all the input. so basically with all furniture designers on the ikea level, it's all hit or miss? wow. i guess that's the way it rolls.....looks like i'll be doing some more searching for furnishings for the loft. thanks again.
Has anyone purchased furniture from IKEA, and had it hold up? Everything that I've bought has not held up under regular wear and tear. [Dressers, dining room chairs...] Also, does anyone have any recommendations about other "modern" furniture companies? i.e. West Elm, CB2...
So currently I wear the standard casual attire: jeans, t shirt, sneaker combo. I am the owner of a tattoo/art studio and am looking to find some designers that aren't the classic jeans and t shirt label. i don't care for torn/heavily distressed denim, or catchy/lame message t's. I current;y prefer levis 514's, for their durability, vintage t's, and vans classics. Any suggestions? Or is this a workable combo of clothing?
so i recently joined a new gym, and am swimming laps 3 days a week, and also doing cardio - eliptical:recently had ACL surgery.....how much toning is this going to do? i'm currenty at a 32-33 inch waist, but love handles have got the best me. will the swiming help lose fat? i don't want to gain anymore muscle mass...thanks!
thanks for the input. i actually am considering the apron. it's simply no fun to go go work, considering i can wear whatever i want me being the boss and all, and not look good.
Hello everyone. I'm new on the SF. I'm pretty green when it comes to a lot of the designers mentioned throughout, but am slowly learning the differences by quality, for instance. I am 1 in a million people in the area i reside who probably even thinks about looking nice on a daily basis. Everyone around here seems to think that high fashion is "old navy". Being a tattoo artist, there are not many who chose the path of fashion. Contrary to popular belief, we're not all...
I'm moving there soon and wondered if anyone knew of any great places to clothes shop there......
Sorry ther'es no pic: Vintage T Levis 514 32x30 Vans Traditional
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