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i understand my denim does this and i figure its cuz it hasnt soften up yet. but in the seat, weird noise
thats dope, i live in vegas, i ordered on monday, wont get here till this coming tuesday.
i think there are some on sufu in the NF thread. i have some and i think they are awesome, i havent really worn them hard tho.
yeah, thy are kinda snug on my forearms. i hope it doesnt shrink too much after a cold wash and hang dry
to me, those are too damn tight, but some people dig it that way. the waist will stretch out, but if u dont like the thighs, them probably wont stretch out more than .5 inches. and NF pockets  do suck
seems like we have similar measurements, my thighs  are a lil bigger. it really depends on the fit you are going for, i dont like snug shit. i tried 29's and hated how much they hugged my thighs. 30 is cool for me. Now if u bike a lot, the thighs might stretch out, but i've seen a few discrepancies on whether or not the thighs stretch a lot. but the best way for dudes to help is with pics
great stuff! 
shamelessly pluggin, selling wg greencast 29's
thats hardwearing and dedication right there
waist is 30" rise  9.85  thighs 11.25" inseam 35" leg opening 7"
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