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random stuff, i used to shoot film, and definitely miss the darkroom, but i have no time anymore.             
I also have received GATs from zeemon. good shoe, came pretty quickly. very slim, if u have wide feet, you may need break in time. i wear 11/11.5 in sambas, got 285 and they fit well.
i had mine for about 8 mos till i soaked about 2 weeks ago. warm soak, minor agitation. same as the other 2 have said and i will reiterate one point.. the get really stiff. i stlll feel like mine havent soften up completely yet because my stacks are still defying gravity.
looking for size 285
nothing, maybe it helps that i actually live in the desert and they have only seen rain once when i was in the midwest for a little bit.
i agree, contrast stitching looks awesome to me.
why yes kind sir... the fabric 'pops', and almost is like mr. costanza's 'swooshing' pants. but not that loud
i have a pair of denim and the seat of them makes noise when i walk.. will this go away after they soften up, or am i doomed to be assy mcgee's cousin?
thanks, it is 'red oak'
about 6 mos of wear
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