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they probably will. or send him a new pair. NF and a few of the online retailers are typically really good with issues. 
i was, but they have become too tight for me thighs. i'm gonna try to soak and take some pics before i cant button them. i loved how they were turning out tho
are you gonna carry more versions of slim guys also?
thanks for the tip sire
is this the beginning of a blowout, or just some regular distressing?
depends on the person, some people have higher tolerance for sweaty balls than others.
no hole, no scuffs, no creases, no dirt on the sole.
the ones i got from him were brand new
unless u live in thailand or something, they are hard to fade. i've had my greencast and deep indigo for about 10 mos, all i have are pocket fades on the deep indigos. i've seen some thai kids that have decent fades after 4 mos, though.
i do use lightroom a little bit. i dont do anything too crazy... but i do lik grain depending on the photo/subject
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