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I suspect many SFers will be donning cape (and cowl, and body armor) to the opening night of "The Dark Knight Rises" this week.
  There was a lengthy discussion at the last Ministry of Trolls meeting about several young upstarts, who decided to run off and overmingle with the muggles. I have no idea if Barracuda was one of them. It's a possibility. Investigations are underway.
  Is this still the case? Last I'd heard ( there was a rumor about Greenfield's possibly breaking ties with BB, or vice versa, and BB's decision to have Southwick produce its Golden Fleece MTM suits.   I'm not impugning Mr. Greenfield or his work in any way, and regardless of whether he still makes BB suits, he's still probably a better option than BB MTM.
I saw an Isaia suit at Neimans the other week, in pale indigo chambray. Perhaps this is the big-timer's version of the Canadian Tuxedo?
Sadly, I've heard it whispered on the wind that Cruiser, patron saint of AAAC, has left that place, presumably to walk the Earth with the spirit of Jos. A. Bank. So his name can no longer be used as convenient metonym for the fora. Some say he will return at the endtimes, like a thrifty and irascible Mahdi, or Messiah, if you're not into the whole Eastern thing.
OP: A major step up, in quality and price, from Astor & Black would be something like Oxxford. They make what is widely considered to be one of the best suits you can get from a major MTM/bespoke company that is widely available in most major cities. Above that, you can go fully bespoke with one of the (few) master tailors in the country. For a slightly more modest price you can get MTM from Samuelsohn, who happen to make most (all?) of Paul Stuart's custom suits. I've...
It's fine to own more clothing than what you need, at a bare minimum. I don't think anyone on SF would be here if he intended to own just the basics, no more, and to derive no pleasure in a tiny bit of excess. Nevertheless, too few people -- especially beginners here -- take any cognizance of their true needs.The difference between a wardrobe, and a random assortment of clothing, is superficially small but practically enormous. Compiling a well-curated wardrobe means...
"Too many" is a relative quantity, and the variables in the equation would include how often you actually wear suit and tie in any given month, week, etc., as well as how often you wear an outfit that calls for a grey or silver tie during those occasions. If you wear a suit to work every day, and occasionally to social functions, then no, this number of grey ties may not be excessive. On the other hand, if you wear a suit and tie once or twice a year, then you can do the...
The heel is a little high and dainty for my taste, and I worry that the shoes would be pretty painful to wear for much longer than five hours at a time, especially with any significant walking in the interim. That being said, the last looks smart, and the construction is getting better and cleaner on your successive efforts. I have appreciated all of your posts on this topic, and will appreciate the more to come. Great stuff!
Fifty of them, to be precise.
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