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Not sure if serious, but no, don't do it. If you want a raw denim jean with dark stitching, buy a raw denim jean with dark stitching. Such jeans are not hard to find these days.
I own several highly constructed Huntsman suits, and I would not pair them with unstructured ties. I don't think such a pairing would be weird, per se, but I don't like to clash British and Continental looks as a personal rule.Wiser minds than mine (Manton, Vox, Foo, et al.) may disagree.
I don't know if untipped and/or unlined is inherently casual, so much as it's inherently insouciant. It's part of a particular aesthetic, be it American "trad" or Neopolitan business. One can be conservatively dressed in a light Italian suit, handmade Italian shirt, and unlined Italian tie. The look will stand out in most American workplaces, though, and probably will connote to being somehow, indescribably more casual in the eyes of an uninitiated observer. But few would...
They've been recurring staples of my summer wardrobe recently, especially during outdoor wedding and party season. I realize they're becoming kind of trendy these days, though, so the frequency with which I wear them may start to correlate inversely with their appearance in the pages of, say, Details.
Where would you place tie fabrics like Irish poplin and mogador in this spectrum?
I think the actual figure is even higher, especially on weekends. But he's a good dude, and he's taken this particular piece of feedback into advisement many times now. I believe he'll work on it.
^^ UBR: i like this fit much better. It's boring, but the right kind of boring. I like the shirt, at any rate, regardless of how it's being worn. Who made it?
TheTieBar has come a long way over the last few years, and I am not ashamed to admit ownership of a decent handful of their silks. When I first sampled their wares, oh, about 3 years ago, I was unimpressed. The silk seemed cheap, and the interlining seemed to be some sort of poly mix to my admittedly untrained eye and hand. These days, their ties are pretty decent. Certainly about as good as you'll get at their price point, barring the occasional thrift store score or B&S...
^^ #2 is pretty good. #1 doesn't have enough color contrast between the shirt and tie for my liking, though. It lacks what the Foo Fighter would call the "pop" factor. Could just be the lighting in the photo, though.
In Ed's OP: The first fit is ok, if not necessarily smashingly successful. The second fit is the most successful of the bunch, IMO, and I rather enjoy it. The third fit has its problems, as others have pointed out. To my eye, the specific issue with #3 is that the pattern on the shirt is very similar, in scale, to the sub-components of the jacket's larger checks. Even though the jacket's check resolves to a much larger scale, up close its little houndstooths and...
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