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Any tie with a black, navy, or dark grey ground will probably work -- either solid, or with figures of a different scale than the stripes. Lighter blues and greys might also work, but proceed carefully.
+1I am really starting to enjoy the shtick. I hope people keep feeding.
I dunno, the story still seems pretty apropos.But I wish you the best of luck in reaching your resolution.
I have an old high school friend who is a nice guy, but cheap as all fuck, and also fairly stupid. Not book stupid, but stupid in that he has no common sense whatsoever. Stupid in the "I'm lactose intolerant, but maybe drinking an increasing amount of milk every day will slowly build a tolerance, like with drugs" kind of way. (Those were his actual words). Anyhow, this friend -- whom we shall call Mike -- once bought a horrendously ugly, used Honda Accord in what can best...
Please do not wear that shirt with any of the tie choices offered by the second poster, be they from CT or elsewhere. Pink stripes on pink stripes = :facepalm:.   You can wear that pink bengal-striped shirt in an office without being too dandyish or over the top. But the key is restraint with the tie. I wouldn't go much bolder than a plain navy tie, or perhaps a navy tie with neat figurations in white, light blue, and pink -- be they dots, patterns, etc.   The...
  Lexol comes highly recommended by several of the more knowledgeable shoe-care experts on the forum (including DFWII, whose knowledge of shoe construction probably surpasses that of anyone else here).   The AE conditioners (which are just rebranded forms of Colonil, a German product, occasionally available on Amazon for cheaper than AE's prices) are decent.   Most forumites will swear by Saphir products, as do I. They're not cheap, but they tend to work wonders. They can...
"Sous-bras" is simply French for "under-arm" ("sous" = under; "bras" = arm). Many manufacturers would refer to these as perspiration guards, or sweat shields.
  This is what's particularly enjoyable about Boardwalk Empire (even if little else is these days). Apparently the show's costume designer (in collaboration w/ Martin Greenfield) pretty faithfully recreates period-accurate garments, using vintage textiles from the era. A lot of the looks on that show would feel right at home on, say, LabelKing. Some would fit neatly into the framework of this thread.
Shomer fuckin' Shabbos!
OD/OT: I don't mind those looks, tbh, though I suspect they will have some detractors on this thread. That said, they strike me as wearing uncomfortably warm for a 21st century office building, no?
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