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They must be fakes. Real Allen Edmonds footwear only appreciates in value, as we know. A real pair of gently used AE seconds should be selling for at least $500 on eBay.
I wash all my socks (aside from pure cashmeres*) in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, in a protective bag, with a mild detergent like Woolite. I dry them on hangers next to a fan, so they can get a little bit of air circulation while drying. The air flow reduces the crispiness of the socks while drying.   *Cashmere socks get hand washed in the sink with Woolite, then air dried.   I never put socks in the dryer, regardless of the socks' composition. If I'm...
Yo you best getz dat colla game right young'un Get yo colla game figure out, bitches be linin up like it aint no thAnG Son i gotst that platinnum colla stayz, gotst that gucci shit, gotst dat prada shit.. bitchez be sukkin on my hang low cuz i a true pimp and dey reckanize. dey be all like awww shit dat playa rite there he gotst his collar game all set, like he a grown ass mothafukkin mane, wearin a grown ass mothafukkin biznizz suit Shit, yall dudes think i be jokin...
Ladiez love playaz who drop $700+ on collar stays. Trust.
Caveat emptor.   I can see at least a few big problems with that suit:   - The lapels are terrible. They look like some sort of late-70s, early-80s lapels with stylistically low gorge, strange angle, width, etc. This look will be dated almost the second you take possession of the suit.   - The jacket and trousers were not originally part of a suit, but in fact, a blazer and pants that were paired together for the auction. If Gucci sold these items as suit...
This was a worthwhile necro: from the clothing on display, to the newly added caricature, to Lasbar's unsubtle attempts to test everyone's comfort with his emergent tranny fetish. A truly magnificent SF time capsule.
It's sort of a spread and angled-back gull wing collar.
I owned a jersey-knit suit by Armani (Spoo's intuition was spot-on) in my pre-SF days. It was actually a very interesting suit, with a wonderfully idiosyncratic drape, though not the most durable garment I've ever owned.   As I recall, it never failed to draw comment at parties.
Teach yourself the skills you need. Buy some books, take some online classes, go to some hacker hangouts, etc.   Startups don't want to hire people to learn the basics on the job. They want to hire people who bring specific skills to the organization. Especially smaller startups, where every new hire needs to bring a critical capability to the table (or else be able to work the full stack).   Don't have the time or the inclination to learn on your off hours? Then...
Also: repp ties in wide bar stripes, esp. navy and red or yellow.
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