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Let me tell ya a story of my situation. I was talking to this girl from the US nation.The way I met her was on tour at a concert. She had long hair and a short miniskirt. I just got onstage, drippin pourin with sweat. I was walkin thru the crowd and guess who I met?
Have you ever met a girl you tried to date, but a year to make love she wanted you to wait?
yo maaan tawn   give 'um PIX fo they DIX
 I wouldn't call this tie soporific, per se, but it sure is nice.  
I'm sorry, but this is a tie befitting a Persian real estate developer.
  +100   Abort the mission. The probability of success is near zero.
  I do think a pale blue shirt would have worked better here. It would have softened up the contrast between jacket, shirt, and tie, creating a slightly less jarring effect. The white shirt isn't "wrong" here in the technical sense, but it's very stark. The outfit you've put together here is a very after-6pm outfit, and in broad daylight, it would come off a bit severe.
  Are you suggesting there are, perhaps...50 shades?
Anecdotally, I think there's something to the color theory. I've seen a lot of guys with dark brown or black skin completely rock a very pale lavender, or pink, or yellow, or blue shirt, while men with very pale skin will look sickly and washed-out in similar colors. Conversely, pale, high-contrast men tend to look good in the sort of rich, dark colors that get lost against swarthier complexions. Perhaps we needn't go so far as to adopt cutesy "seasons" for ourselves, and...
Call it what you will. My point is that he "conveys his experience" in a tone that suggests he received that knowledge on stone tablets at the top of a mountain. This tone makes it occasionally hard to distinguish opinions from statements of fact, or statements about aesthetics from statements about social correctness.Like I said, I enjoy his writing, and I think there's a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from it. Nowhere have I said that I choose "not to listen." In fact, if...
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