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Confoocious say: "Far better to be Sharpie than dummy!"
First of all, no contest, Jennifer Lawrence. But god damn, she really uglied herself up for this movie. She looks to have put on a good 25 pounds, all of them in her thunderous badonkadonk and already verging-on-troublesome thighs. And she dyed her beautiful Aryan-blonde hair a shade of mousy brown. But all is forgiven, for she is The Jennifer Lawrence.
Gary, my man. Relax. You're being very un-Gary right now.
I guess I was expecting more of a Spartacus vibe, and more of what TV censors have taken to calling "adult situations."
That, sir, is a damned good looking suit. Wear it with confidence.
Wow, did this thread ever fail to deliver on its title's promise.
A black mark has long been a sign of dignity. How else do you explain the expression "This will be a black mark on your record"? I've heard that phrase throughout my life, and usually from respected authority figures, so I know it's a high honor.
Those aren't shell cordovan shoes. They're made of corrected grain leather. To avoid cracking and flaking like that, purchase genuine shell cordovan shoes. I hate to be the bearer of this unfortunate revelation, but someone needs to be.    Be very careful when bidding on "cordovan" shoes on eBay. Let this be a (hopefully inexpensive) lesson.
New Posts  All Forums: