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OP: would you say you have pencil erasers, or mosquito bites? Also, how hard is "hard" in this case? Can you key someone's car with them? Can you cut diamond?
  For the truly anal, Kent Wang offers a pocket square stand:   Spoo has one, and he's posted a couple pics with his rather extensive square collection on the rack. The effect is rather striking. I actually considered one myself, upon seeing Spoo's pic. But I quickly realized that I don't own nearly enough squares to fill the rack, and my closet space is at such a premium right now.
Dear lord, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away.
The whale sinks the ship. It's all very poetic.
  Armani Black Label is half canvassed.   Armani Collezioni is mostly fused, with possibly the exceptional half-canvas garment popping up every blue moon. Fabric quality is decent, but noticeably cheaper than that of the mainline garments. Unless an expert is willing to step up and challenge my research on this, my understanding is that all current Collezioni garments are fused. Some of the older Collezioni garments (labeled "Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni" at the time)...
For my money, "Step Up 3D" really stepped it up in a way that the other "Step Up" titles in the venerable series were unable to. And all this, despite the departure from the franchise of series mainstay Channing Tatum.   Perhaps it is a testament to the inspired choreography -- or perhaps, instead, to the rousing soundtrack composed by Flo Rida, featuring David Guetta -- that "Step Up 3D" manages to step straight to the front of the pack. Or perhaps we owe our thanks...
Can I suggest that the standard-issue n00b avatars make it extremely hard to follow riveting conversations such as this one?   Also, let's give a spirited golf clap to this thread's OP, who is somehow managing to troll people two years later, presumably from beyond the grave.
I prefer this execution to Bale's. Black shirts are interesting casual items, especially for going out at night or on the weekend.I prefer them without jackets, though, and especially without ties. The whole black jacket, black shirt, black tie thing just seems too much for most people to pull off. It makes a man look like a sex trafficker or a vampire.
  Wrong.   They're not business wear, but they have their place.
  I whispered in her ear "come to the picture booth, so I can ask you a couple of questions and see if you're a hundred proof."   I asked her her name, she said blah blah blah. She had 9/10 pants and a very big bra. I took a couple of flicks and she was enthused. I said "How did you like the show?" She said she was very amused.
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