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Would a well-fitted sweater look good on your body type? If so, this can be a reasonably sharp look for a man in his late 20s to early 30s.On days where it's too hot for a sweater, a sharp blue sportcoat that you ditch indoors is totally fine. A plain, solid navy sportcoat or blazer with unobtrusive buttons and a flattering cut will not make you look stuffy. When in doubt, keep it simple and keep it well tailored.At the end of the day, though, you shouldn't outdress your...
Not for business. Maybe for social occasions. Maybe. Exercise some restraint, though. This seems to be one of those areas where it's very easy to cross the line into the territory of the ridiculous.
The shirt collar seems to make all the difference. Pulling off this look successfully means wearing a collar that stands up on its own, doesn't flop limply to the sides, and shows no undershirt when open. I know of at least some folks who, when they get their shirts made, request that the tailor place the second button a little bit lower than normal -- so as better to achieve the "Tom Ford" look when unbuttoned.   Conversely, the look on Obama and Ryan -- which is...
Wool dress pants without a jacket is a really gumpy look, IMO. It is the uniform of the middle-American cubicle drone, and it's seldom a flattering one.In theory, there isn't anything inherent to the odd trouser that makes it categorically different from the suit pant. But odd trousers are best acquired in fabrics, colors, textures, etc., that clearly differentiate them from smooth worsted suit pants.
Purists, of which you'll find many on SF, will insist that you never wear a tie with shirtsleeves. The shirt and tie demand some sort of layer on top of them, be it a jacket or a sweater. If you don't want to wear a jacket, don't wear a tie, and vice versa. A reasonable exception might be the tie-and-sweater look, which is acceptable (even if some folks here will accept it more begrudgingly than others). As for constructing an incremental "order of operations" for...
  I freaking love Gladiator. (And cue the "Do you like movies about Gladiators?" jokes).   Over the last 10 or so years, the movie has aged tremendously well. Especially on Blu-ray. It still looks better than almost any movie that's come since. And it's just so damned entertaining. Also a big fan of the Roman history angle.   People like to criticize the movie for its over-the-top dialogue, etc., but to my ear, it sounds a lot like the dialogue in the old-fashioned sword...
That jacket looks great on you, especially given that it's unaltered. The SF Consensus will probably bash the "anemic" lapel width, but I actually find a slimmer lapel to be more flattering on my frame. It's a somewhat '60s look, and the jacket reminds me of the BB Fitzgerald's cut and styling. This is an exciting development.
Perhaps this opens up a front to a more philosophically intriguing question. Can linen pants ever be said to be "badass?" Even the best ones, cut to perfection, give off kind of an old-mannish vibe a la Tommy Bahama. Perhaps not as much so as linen shirts, but still.
There isn't all that much summer left, in the grand scheme of things. But if you still need your linen pants, Brooks has a few cotton/linen blends on sale right now. I stocked up on Milanos a few months back, and my cock'nballs have been thanking me ever since, especially give the 100+ degree weeks we've been having. If you want pure linen, I would second the PRL recommendation.
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