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Honestly, I think you could dispense with about 90% of those ties and not lose any sleep over them.
First lesson: never cut the tags on a garment, wear a new pair of shoes outside and scuff the soles, etc., until you're 100% certain you intend to keep the item in question. This can be a very expensive lesson, often learned the hard way, but it's a critical one.   Second, no, darker polish or cream will not permanently ruin your shoes. That said, it will look somewhat "spotty," as you are unlikely to achieve a perfectly even application across the entire surface...
Seems odd that someone would go through the trouble of making a fake BB suit, even a fake GF suit. The name just isn't brand-whorish enough to warrant a decent expected return for a counterfeit item. Counterfeiters tend to fake well-known fashion brands, like Armani, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, etc. That said, it's at least theoretically possible that someone would sew a GF label onto a non-GF suit. But it seems unlikely. This was probably a safe bet while it lasted.
  It takes some getting used to, but it becomes second nature after about a week of daily visiting.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
  This has to be the fourth or fifth picture of a Chinese guy with his potbelly hanging out of his shirt that I've seen in the last month. Please tell me they're all pics of the same dude, and this isn't a trend or something?
  I find them theoretically interesting, but practically problematic.   Typically, my fun ends at the sock line.
  Would you characterize your interest in colored laces as early Spoo or late Spoo? Pre- or post-enlightenment?
I can't tell where your natural shoulder line ends, but yes. Too big, overpadded, or possibly both.
That's fine. I would expect a fair amount of disagreement, particularly with my advice about peer groups. This isn't the kind of place where people like to do that.A lot of this is industry dependent, too. I have noticed a lot more attention paid to hierarchical appearances in law firms and banks, with much less attention paid in the corporate world.
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