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I want to get married just so I can finally understand what's ostensibly funny about Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?.
And how do the socks fit, I wonder?
Your link just sends me to the front page of Yoox. Can't really do much with that. But I would guess that Yoox would carry diffusion lines.
I hate to say this, but the OP also needs to develop more realistic expectations for his body type. He's not built at all like the examples he posted, and if he thinks any tailor is going to get him there, he's in for more disappointment. A good tailor can work small miracles, but he can't beat the laws of physics.
This is actually more of a chick magnet than those "LV" condoms that were making the internet rounds the other week.   True playaz should kop.
  I don't know if the majority is as vast as it once was. Granted, this is anecdotal, but I've run across more bad apples in the last 2 years than I did, combined, in my ~8 years prior. Buy side and sell side. The majority of my transactions are smooth, but I run into problems (or downright dishonesty) a lot more often than I should.
^^ Are no-return policies even practically enforceable these days? Seems like the buyer can just open up a dispute and stand a 95% chance of prevailing.
I just cannot get behind this. It is too reminiscent of a '70s prom outfit.
  Not enough footnotes for David Foster Wallace. Also, he would footnote the footnotes.
  I don't know if it's the exposure on the photo or what, but this is just too monochromatic for my taste.
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