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  I see. Is there any way to make them without the dart (while still having the difference between the waist and the seat)? I know that there are jackets that don't have darts but can have considerable waist supression.
I've been looking around for a pair of slim chinos and I think every pair I've seen (if not all of them) have that line that runs from the back pockets to the waistband. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can see it here, it lines up with the side of the tag on the waistband (put the mouse pointer over the picture to...
Thanks for the responses. Sometimes it's so hard to judge these things without seeing them on the street on someone else.   While the above may have logos and button downs I would be wearing the equivalents without logos and button downs and would be wearing them tucked, I was curious about the patterns.   Just to be sure, does it change anything that these are for college, not for the office?
Do you think these kind of shirts are too formal to be worn casually with a pair of chinos and a sports jacket, or without a jacket:      
What kind of search terms do you suppose would have turned up the answer to my question without turning up innumerable other threads which would not answer my question and which it would take me half a day to sift through?What is wrong with the question?
I'm a college boy and I'm looking for a pair of shoes to buy. I'm not sure whether I want a pair for year round or two pairs one for summer and other for cold weather.   I've had some vague notion of some kind of summery canvas shoes (or maybe not canvas?) that I could wear on chinos and a sports jacket, if there be such a thing. Can anyone suggest anything like that? As for the rest-of-the-year pair, I've gone through a lot of different kinds and I'm really...
The sports jackets of the original ivy leaguears were, as I understand, made of tweed and madras, but were the navy jackets (and other colors) made of wool or cotton (or both)? Are cotton jackets a recent development?   Wool jackets seem to me too dressy for college boys.
I'm looking for a pair of slim tapered khakis/chinos that just have the standard four pockets with buttons on the back ones. I was wondering what this "hidden pocket at waistband" is because if it's something that is inside it wouldn't bother me.   Why do you say I'm primarily paying for name brad with those, they're one of the cheapest I've found scouring the internet.
I'm thinking about these pants:   but there is a "hidden pocket at waistband" listed. Does anyone know what this looks like exactly, is there a picture of this?   These gimmicky pockets drive me nuts, why can't they just make a pair of pants.   Does anyone know what the fit is like? There doesn't appear to be...
  Is that beyond doubt that Jack Threads is legit? Because this business of not showing merchandise until registering makes no sense at all, why wouldn't you want people to see what you're offering.       Thanks for the info!     Does Vente Privee take only American Express?
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