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Has anyone bought anything from   Are they a trustworthy seller? They have a good selection.
Thank you!
Well, the security, that's on the buyer isn't it, I mean it is understood that the buyer takes on that risk, he can choose insured shipping.   As for payment, that can't be the issue, it's usually done through paypal.   So it's customs, then? You guys have to fill out some forms?  
This doesn't apply only to ebay but any online trade between individuals, but mostly I'm curious about American folks because it is with them that I ran into this mostly: Why is it that people limit where they will ship to? For ex. I just bought something on ebay from someone in America and they told me they wouldn't ship internationally. Is there some extra hassle at the post office to send internationally?
Can you post shoulder, neck, chest and sleeve measurements?  
Can anyone tell me whether J Crew's sizing is TTS?
Deleting classifieds that have been closed would make the buying and selling forum MUCH more functional. If you're looking for say a 32" pair of chinos, you can't search specifically for that using the filters (you'd have to scan through the whole list of pants offered),  you have to use the search function for that.   People always post the waist measurement so you know that if you make a search using the term '32" ' you're liable to find what you're looking...
I did some searching around and apparently there's a cloth called cramerton or polished cotton (if they are indeed the same thing), is that the kind that's in the first picture? What is the other type called, canvas?   How many types of fabric are chinos made in?
Does anyone have J Crew chinos in urban slim fit? Would you be so kind as to post a picture so I can see how slim the fit is?     I've noticed that there are various kinds of chino material and I'm curious whether there's a name for the various types. For ex. the difference between these pictures     Well, the second picture may not even be chinos, but there are chinos that have that kind of texture and are obviously different from the first...
  Well, we've already seen that a lot of tailors don't know how to keep the sesam centered, so I disagree. This isn't rocket science. I don't have doubt and I'm looking for reasons to mistrust him.         I don't have any place to find feedback for tailors (and in particular I doubt I'd be able to find feedback on his slimming jobs, as I don't think those are common - maybe I'm wrong). I don't live in the US.
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