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I've never worn suede and now I learn that they can be ruined by water/snow. I've had my heart set on a pair of brown bucks for cold weather, and I still want brown bucks, but as I look around it seems that most bbs or indeed bucks in general are in suede.   So my questions are how difficult will it be to find bucks in some kinda water resistant material, and secondly what is this:   http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101876   It says...
  This is what I'm looking for (not this brand/material, but this kind of model, generally) but smaller. Shoulders maximum 18 3/4 (ideally 17") and length from bottom of collar no greater than 39". Someone sell me something like that!
  Could you give us a shoulder, chest and length measurement?
  I don't really have very specific criteria, just looking for something that buttons up, not on zipper. Also, something dark (ideally black).   I said maximum 39" length from bottom of collar, but I'd prefer something shorter, like around 33".
If anyone has a winter coat laying around with shoulders not wider than 18 3/4" and not longer from bottom of collar than 39" I'd be interested.
  What is this story with a new forum?
I hate wallets, and usually I wear money and cards and such small things in the pocket of a jacket I wear daily. Now, though, in the heat of summer I don't carry a jacket, I have a good size folder that I carry with me every day, but I can't put things like cards and money in there without putting them into some smaller container.   I could put all the stuff I carry daily into my pockets, but my pockets would be way too overstuffed and bulging, plus I'm very absent...
That's what I thought. Probably best to go off foot length measurement then, when buying online.  
I've looked around online and I don't know whether I found two charts that agree with each other.   Does anyone know where I could find an ACCURATE conversion chart? Or could you tell me what the European 45 is in American?
Whenever I part my hair it falls slightly forward, won't go backwards like this fella's does. Can any of you get it to be that way with just water, or is it impossible to get it that way without wax or something?
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