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Both.  Go to the house party first as a pregame with free booze and then go to the bars for the late night.  You get to do both and save money.
If you're on a budget, you should check out Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M. Lewin.  Both sites have sales going on and offer a wide selection of shirts with varying collars.  Given your facial description, I would recommend a semi-cutaway or classic collar.  Given that both companies listed above offer free returns, I would try out both collars and see which one is more flattering.  Hope that helps.
I second this.
I would tentatively say go for a 31, but it really depends.  Whether the jeans are STF, raw (a.k.a. dry), and other factors play a role in what waist you should go for.  I've even heard of people buying multiple pairs of the same product from Levis with each pair of jeans having a slightly different waist.  My recommendation would be to go in and try it on in a store first or make your purchase from a site that offers free returns or exchanges.   Nothing is for certain...
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