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This thread is 3 years old....crikey, time has indeed flown. Thank you Ivwri for starting this. Hope it goes from strength to strength like our favourite designer. I would like to illustrate why Yohji clothes are such timeless masterpieces.   From the good old vintage......  [[SPOILER]] YY AW03 Look 7 ( Y's for men ) Pickstitched Set-up Coat - MU-C03-100  Suspender Pants - MU-P12-100White pickstitched details throughout, signature 100 wool gabardine, concealed horn button...
 YYPH AW15 on 22nd January 2015. 
I've not seen this ( one of all my time greatest YY blazers ) being worn by another fellow fan/friend since Wire.Artist for many years until now, and wearing it very well @Parker. Absolute HOF.This thread is still alive and well
Add a pair of DM/DM x Y's/DM x YYPH to be a permanent member
Outfits with a coat....   YYPH AW04 Look 22 Snap Front Tent Coat YYPH SS99 Waistcoat YYPH AW07 Look 8 Zipper Pants YYPH AW11 Monkey Boots   YYPH AW09 Look 3 Fedora Hat YYPH AW04 Asymmetrical Rope Coat YYPH SS09 Look 19 Leather Insert Pants
@Parker, effortless fit, the white Superposition added a nice contrast to an all black silhouette. Please post more often. Simon Le Bon, David Bowie, George Michael, Holly Johnson were all Yohji fans back then, sometimes they owned the same pieces because the UK stock was quite limited in the mid 80s.
Did I say those SS13 canvas fit small? Sorry I couldn't really remember what's said but I do know the " SS14 " canvas fit small since I have a pair of yellow in sz 2 and they only just fit without socks.... I guess a pair of insoles should sort yours out lol, if I've misled you I apologise :/I would personally treat those AW13 leopard as a pair of Y-3 size-wise, Adidas probably made them....I do hope you are purchasing them at a good price since the £650 or so retail in...
From AW11 so heavy cotton construction. Re:- comma comma, the shop has another identity elsewhere that I have purchased countless items, totally reliable but some members here do not appreciate his method of business that I'd rather not debate here.
The best advice on these last few pages. Also Yohji detailing and construction tricks are sometimes hidden and/or at the back. His design is reowned to be timeless so wearing for example an aw05 blazer with some aw13 pants should still feel coherent naturally. 
@David Park The selection in yoox nowadays maybe a little limited but you are buying last seasons' collections, brand new at good discounted western retail prices. The big bonus is you can order multiple sizes ( if available ) of the same pieces and return the ones that fit less well or if you don't like them at all, return all for a full refund. Like Steven said buying from SZ ( or SuperFuture ) members is good coz the pieces are usually well cared for ( esp jamesd's )...
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