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@Ivwri looking sharp and effortless as ever, nice store too And yeah, need to see " that " piece Weather had been brilliant these past few days.   YYPH AW09 Fedora - wool YYPH SS08 Look 15 Espoir Blazer - wool gabardine YYPH SS08 Look 43 Suspender Pants - cotton  Y-3 Hejarklack Hi-tops - leather Uniqlo - cotton
They can be lost, just not THAT easily.
Something missing on that SS08 coat?....super optimistic price for an incomplete garment.
Thanks xeraphim, great blazer, Yohji's kinda bling bling.  [[SPOILER]]  YYPH SS10 Fedora Hat - ( HJ-H03-965 ) - in black, 100% polyurethane YYPH AW13 Look 41 Sparkle Blazer - ( HQ-J25-002 ) - cotton/cupro/polyurethane/polyester/nylon - in black - Size 2, metal buttons + extendable side strap. YYPH SS11 Look 9 Priest Shirt ( HO-B31-980 ) - 100% piqué cotton, in black. Size 1 YYPH SS11 Look 9 Cropped Pants - ( HO-P45-980 ) - same cotton fabric. Size 2  Uniqlo, Converse...
Yamamoto-san took Double Breasted to a whole new level.  [[SPOILER]] YYPH AW09 Look 3 Fedora Hat - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 100% wool. YYPH AW13 Look 28 DB Blazer - ( HQ-J02-103 ) - in black with subtle white pinstripes, 100% laine wool. Size 2 with a wide shouldered, structured torso fit. Big peak lapels complement the big shoulders, fully lined in cupro. 26 front button arrangement with a 8B DB closure. left front slit pocket for the hand closed by 5 buttons. The...
YY Femme AW14 Runway Video:-   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=433132256821257&set=vb.419903961477420&type=2&theater
[[SPOILER]] YYPH AW09 Look 3 Fedora Hat - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 100% wool. YYPH SS07 Look 27 Tank - ( HT-K35-273 ) - in black, unique 72/14/14 rayon/nylon/Japanese paper blend, meshwork, elastic yet robust construction, size 3.  YYPH SS13 Look 14 Zip Detail LS Shirt - ( HX-B16-027 ) - in white, thick grade 100% cotton. Size 3, 7B closure, buttoned down collar; buttons concealed by zips with fabric pulls. 1 chest pocket. YYPH SS10 Cuffed Hem Pants - ( HJ-P12-008 ) -...
This during a Far East break a few weeks back.  [[SPOILER]] YYPH AW09 Look 3 Fedora Hat - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 100% wool. YYPH SS14 Look 21 Cut-out Shirt - ( HG-B10-217 ) - in black, 100% soft hand satin smooth rayon. Size 2 with a long fit, lovely collar. 7B closure, concealed except collar one. 2, 4 and 1 long cut-outs on upper chest, upper back and bicep areas respectively. Beautiful movement worn untucked. YYPH SS14 Look 10 Wrap Skirt-pants - ( HG-P40-100 ) - in...
What separated this from the PH AW14 show ( and to this Yohji fan, at least more appealing ) is on the Runway there were ( I counted briefly ) 22 " black " Looks as opposed to ONE only in the men's ( the last Look ). That gave a better balance to the show, something for everyone. I try to imagine what the flagship store will look like in 6 months, 4 of these coats will take up the whole rack haha.
I don't follow YYF that much either. Asobu & Wire.Artist are def more qualified to comment. Really admire the master for pushing himself at this stage of his career. IMHO though, like for like, as a Runway presentation, this is much stronger than AW13. Also better than SS14 & SS13.There is also a wider scope of wearability of these clothes in women's fashion. My Mrs said she would wear a lot of these catwalk pieces whilst I can't say the same about those of YYPH AW14 myself.
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