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It's Kitty's ( Kitty & Y's ), out tomorrow exclusively in Japan. 
Hmmmmmm...the excitement and frustration of Y! Jp  Spring is in the air when the hakamas make an appearance.   [[SPOILER]] YYPH AW09 Look 3 Fedora - woolYYPH SS13 Look 31 Batik Blazer - rayon, optional 5B closure, batwing sleeves, ruched pleats at back, crazy old school oversizeness. YYPH SS14 Look 24 Clockwork Cut-out LS Shirt - rayon with cotton comlementary parts, blue/white stripes, cut-outs on shoulders and upper arms, unequal length ( longer at the back ) YYPH SS12...
I wasn't being critical my friend, just that if the item doesn't have a BIN option ( like xeraphim's link to the ss13 pants ) then whoever see your post are gonna fight it out among us then it will no longer be less than 75% of your purchase price.... but thanks for your good intention.
Shhhhhhh....someone is already, or you guys should declare your interest to avoid a bidding war.
[[SPOILER]] Simple outfit the other day. Allblackeverything.YYPW AW09 Fedora - woolYYPH AW14 Rider - melton wool, leather lining the pocket + full sleeve zippersYYPH AW14 Coffin Puller Zip Pants - 100 wool gabardineYYPH AW11 Monkey Boots - leather
It's not a misprint.
Centre Pompidou is literally metres from the Paris showroom. It's a fitting venue for the show, logistically speaking as well. Fashion Press has lots of detailed images and as always this " Kimono " collection is even more impressive up close.I personally rate aw14 Femme very highly, those ( very light yet warm ) futon coats, prints and voluminous silhouettes. Playful, humourous and a masterclass in construction. Aw15 is different but no less great, so elegant, dark,...
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