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The hand painted leather runway pieces to special order are indeed 4 million yen each. In fact the whole aw14 collection is dearer than say aw13, that's what the Paris SAs said.
@Steven the skull knit is made in Japan. In fact every AW14 piece I posted above is. It's one of the first things I checked lol.
Maybe it's made in China? Quite a few of the aw11 runway knits were made in China and others from the same collection were made in Japan, pretty random and personally I don't get the logic of that. Pretty sure someone's gonna come on and beat me down with the " MIC same as MIJ quality wise claim " but I will personally shy away if possible of buying those, just my personal view.
PARIS, JUNE 2014. Wonderful annual trip as always given the weather and the important event we were attending. Places, cuisines and peopleThe ubiquitous YY x Paris Metro shot lol. SS10, SS12, SS07 Centre Pompidou. As above + SS14 Wrinkle Blazer  [[SPOILER]]  Best cafe creme at Cafe Constant. Great food in Paris, from street snacks to fine cuisine :)  [[SPOILER]] Shiva taking a break. Great people we met:-2 super stylish and adorable Yohji/Limi fans we finally met up...
I have on good authority the theme of YYPH SS15 collection is called Culture Mix. Will post some pics of our trip in Paris soon.
@Ivwri effortlessly cool. The essence of Yohji-ness. 👍👍👍
From what I could see irl. Yes they're denim. Again as always Yohji clothing is all about motion, some long shirts/coats had unbelievably light majestic fabrics that pics failed to capture. I will duly investigate the collection in 6 months. Meanwhile AW14 had been very promising in the store albeit a small batch sofar. The volume is back, big time and breaking those runway looks into separates works superbly with more silent pieces. And those Look 14 pants....my word,...
Yohji Yamamoto-san turned up the heat! Quite literally, it's boiling hot in there, how those models looked so cool with many layers on I have no idea.... One of his best work in recent years, many, many, MANY wearable runway pieces, as separates or the whole set-ups.
Hello all, just a few outfits in the last few weeks.   YYPH AW09 Fedora - wool YYPH AW09 Look 13 Don't Let It Out suit - wool/nylon + off-white cotton lining YYPH SS12 Suspenders - nylon/polyurethane   YYPH AW09 Fedora - wool YYPH SS12 Look 32 Napolean Cubism Jacket - cotton with cotton/rayon/ramie cubist pattern YYPH SS12 Look 39 Type 2 Hakama Pants - cotton   YYPH AW09 Fedora - wool YYPH SS97 Piping Blazer - acetate with white rayon piping  YYPH SS14...
They went for 57k, well over the Jap retail, well over the top but black wool gabardine hakamas are hotly contested on Y! nowadays....
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