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Detailed examination of the aw15 collection ( sorry I cannot share showroom pictures here since I am not allowed ) reveals the intricate constructions, details ( galore ) and the general silhouettes that runway pictures, or even videos fail to provide. Trust me, aw15 is truly silent but deadly.  This aw15 collection imo is a great season to get into Yohji for a newcomer to the brand since it's like " The Best of Yohji ". It has a lot of things that define the great...
I'll try them on first before I buy haha!
Trying to keep this thread busy whilst @the shah and @Parker are taking time out from awesome fit post duties.  There's no point posting a priest shirt fit without attempting to show some movement. [[SPOILER]] Delightful construction and details  [[SPOILER]] YYPH AW14 Look 20 Distressed Pattern Knit Cardigan - ( HF-K75-186 ) - in grey/light grey/red - 48/19/17/16 wool/nylon/rayon/angora - luxurious fabric. Production version differs from runway sample by having the red...
@xeraphim Go get that Espoir haha. Oh nothing as spectacular as that ss08, just a ss13 Batik blazer, need a bit of non blacks in my life
Chayin is a good friend of mine and he always has a good eye for key pieces. The ss08 Espoir is definitely grail worthy ( I should know lol ). He's also a passionate fan and therefore a careful owner. I've already taken one of his pieces he has for sale. Please follow suit
@zepp In my opinion, you absolutely need size 4. If you are gonna buy from where I think you are, it's the same price as Jap sale price ( 115000 + 8% tax retail x 40% off ), hence a bargain in my book. Japan stock long sold out even before the 2nd Jan sale there.
Middle of shoulders to sleeve length 45/2 + 64 = 86.5 vs 83.5 ( 57.5 + 52/2 ) If anything it's even shorter but the huge chest should lend a nice flowy silhouette. @sepp The Look 15 is size 3, slightly oversized over a tee and perfect to layer. AW14 blazers were cut pretty slim ( silly small armholes ) like SS14 except the red rose skull mandarin blazer in my experience.
AW15 is definitely silent but deadly, AW14 is anything but. It goes to show the Master's versatility.   [[SPOILER]] Insane zipper constructions and details YYPH AW14 Look 15 Fair Isle Zip Blazer - HF-J11-123 - 51/36/9/4 wool/polyester/nylon/rayon - cozy knit fabric in blue/white/grey. DB closure with offset double zipper. GOTHIC Yohji Yamamoto silver beast zip pullers, Nordic Fair Isle pattern.  YYPH AW07 Fair Isle " The Skull Man " Knit Jumper - HX-J50-955 - 100% laine...
SS15? I don't see any lol. Too cold to wear summer stuff there atm. Quite a few decked in AW14 Pour Homme and Femme though. Edit:- first impressions from IG images - WOW, told you it would be " Very Yohji "
Tomorrow, YYPH AW15 Runway. It's gonna be a " very Yohji " collection.
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