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No noticeable difference for MIF YYPH pieces in terms of quality however one needs to remember these pieces are 20+ years old now so it will be grossly unfair to compare those with something made in Japan recently.
Hello AW14, last Look of the Runway, most certainly not least.     YYPH AW09 Look 3 Fedora - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 95/5 wool/nylon   YYPH AW14 Look 40 YY Constellation Knit Cardigan - ( HF-K72-971 ) - in black, 100% wool. Size 3 ( OS ) with an oversized long silhouette. Heavy, beautiful construction, thick ribbed folded cuffs, 7B Yohji button closure with 3 ( smaller ) additional buttons for a stand/folded collar finish. 2 side pockets. Big white YY motif in...
That's too bad you didn't check out the Pour Homme section.....you could have tried the 1.08 million yen hat on  You are talking about this tote:- Please check out Look 43 lol! I would buy a blazer with the pour homme runway looks on :)According to my source again, the limited edition tote is available in 2 versions, denim blue and green for the holders. 25920 yen each, bargain :) @snowmanxl Yes they look like the balloon pants,,,,, with hand prints on for a tidy premium....
Yasuto Sasada meets Seibu Shibuya  /   Art meets Life Some exclusive and official pictures ( courtesy of my very good friend Banana Foggy ) of this amazing exhibition happening right now. What can I say? Tremendous bespoke capsule collection pieces, Yohji-san is on fire in Tokyo and at the top of his game, the AW14 special order runway leather pieces pale into insignificance yen for yen compared to those hand painted hats and the DM boots. Wish we were there...... ...
The hand painted leather runway pieces to special order are indeed 4 million yen each. In fact the whole aw14 collection is dearer than say aw13, that's what the Paris SAs said.
@Steven the skull knit is made in Japan. In fact every AW14 piece I posted above is. It's one of the first things I checked lol.
Maybe it's made in China? Quite a few of the aw11 runway knits were made in China and others from the same collection were made in Japan, pretty random and personally I don't get the logic of that. Pretty sure someone's gonna come on and beat me down with the " MIC same as MIJ quality wise claim " but I will personally shy away if possible of buying those, just my personal view.
PARIS, JUNE 2014. Wonderful annual trip as always given the weather and the important event we were attending. Places, cuisines and peopleThe ubiquitous YY x Paris Metro shot lol. SS10, SS12, SS07 Centre Pompidou. As above + SS14 Wrinkle Blazer  [[SPOILER]]  Best cafe creme at Cafe Constant. Great food in Paris, from street snacks to fine cuisine :)  [[SPOILER]] Shiva taking a break. Great people we met:-2 super stylish and adorable Yohji/Limi fans we finally met up...
I have on good authority the theme of YYPH SS15 collection is called Culture Mix. Will post some pics of our trip in Paris soon.
@Ivwri effortlessly cool. The essence of Yohji-ness. 👍👍👍
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