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@Ivwri It's fantastic you like your acquisitions Long time no post fits. Been away to SE Asia, some memorable shots   CuisinesAwesome Teppanyaki [[SPOILER]]  YY & Fits Charismatic Team Aoyama Our great ( and powerful ) Tokyo friend. [[SPOILER]] aw14 Look 19 leather serpentine parkaaw14 wool Rin chan knitaw14 wool coffin zipper pantsaw11 leather monkeys [[SPOILER]] aw09 hatss15 YY sunglassesss15 wool reversible 11B blazerss15 wool hem button drop crotch pantsaw11 monkeys...
I know who won it. You'd better wait for another auction my friend. The chance of it not working out is very slim.
Personally I do not call them hakamas, just balloon pants, just my opinion.... They're no less awesome though.
Tend to agree with @myname as well. The Aoyama flagship offers the kind of calm atmosphere that other YY retailers inside big, noisy department stores simply cannot provide. It sells all YYPH, YYF, YY Noir, YY Discord pieces released at any given time within one big beautiful space whereas you often have to go to a different floor ( or even a different building ) in say Seibu and Isetan to see men's/women's stuff. It also sells YY Homme Jeans, YY lugguage, YY Glasses and...
@sepp You are very welcome. Afaik if you go in April there will only be ss15 stuff to be found in YY retailers and aw14 are long gone by then. There have been re-editions of popular pieces in recent years especially pants in wool gabardine but hakama pants were standout pieces from ss12 so imo there aren't any re-editions of those in ss15, they are not recent enough to be done so. Of course it depends on how one defines hakama pants. The favorite pants that were popular...
Have you been to Tokyo before? In terms of YY stock level, I was advised in this decending order:-YY Aoyama Flagship ( obviously ) > Isetan Shinjuku > Seibu Shibuya > Tokyu Ginza + 0101 ( Marui ) Shinjuku + Matsuya GinzaThis should cover all your ss15 enquiries
Glad you enjoyed the store visit. That reversible blazer is a favorite of mine too. I know you are fond of the stand collar, I'm particularly impressed by the 11 button closure, also being reversible means it's not half lined so it's a good trans-seasonal piece as well. Finally that little ruched shoulder finish is pure genius.
On the contrary it is now my mission to absolutely spoil your parade. Like I said before, I am now your biggest fan. I am so pleased you came on here today, it made my Chinese New Year.
You will find Tokyo to be a total eye-opener, not just regarding YY but everything else
Being rude and dishing insults to other people are not things I like to do on a friendly forum like this one but since this is the only language you understand, I make it an exception, just for you.You've nailed it on the head, this fanboy kingdom isn't for you coz clearly you reckon you are too fucking noble and righteous for anyone who dares to mention words like retail, flagship stores, buying new etc. At the same time your my-way-or-no-way, gung-ho approach is quite...
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