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We seldom see Yohji wearing/loving couples here, bravo! 
They are genuine to me. It will be even more helpful with pictures of the pants themselves. AW05 collection from the code. 101 is indeed wool which is confirmed at the back of the tag. 
Look pretty real 
It is indeed a new line to be launched alongside aw16 Yohji Yamamoto aw16 Femme. There are no pieces for men but the oversized cut of some pieces means men can wear them too. I've seen some pieces shown to me in pictures and they looked very nice. One piece shown is just called " big jacket " in its internal nomenclature which says it all lol. PS. Lots of ppl know more about Yohji than I do, they just do not post here.
Long time no posting a picture :)     YYPH AW09 wool fedora YYPH SS16 Look 34 wool Yuuka Asakura Sketch Long Blazer YYPH SS16 Look 34 duo-cotton Yuuka Asakura Sketch LS Shirt YYPH SS12 Suspenders YYPH SS16 Look 34 wool Yuuka Asakura Sketch Low Crotch Suspender Pants  YFM AW06 leather Creepers   Until Next Time :) 
 One Sashiko blazer, one pair of wrap pants, one pair of normal cut pants and one shirt had been available for 2 weeks in a pop up store in Tokyo Shinjuku Isetan alongside the capsule collection Replica 1994 S/S ( Scarecrow ).
Hello Adrian. I think people here will be in shock when they see your collection of Yohji pieces 
Go to grailed.com   type that then type /listings/523616-Yohji-Yamamoto-yyph-ss09-drYY-suit-sz1-2   Every one here knows Wire.artist right? The original YY ambassador way before this forum existed. My pal Wire has a truly desirable SS09 DR YY suit for some lucky fans here who can take this off him. Do shoot him a message to enquire if interested  
They run very large.
It has been a while since a picture was posted and probably first time for a all non-black outfit  YYPH SS14 Look 37 Layered Blazer - ( HG-J16-803 ) YYPH SS14 Look 39 Layered Pants - ( HG-P14-803 ) Dual layered, unequal length intricate construction, outer shell 64/36 cupro/rayon, inner longer layer in soft hand thin cotton. Someone mentioned drape and silhouette of YY pants....these SS14 are obviously amazing in motiionYYPH AW05 LS Tee ( HN-T59-063 ) - cotton YYPH SS14...
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