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 About 60 pieces produced for the domestic market, shared among size 2,3 and 4. 
@sepp Apparently the Missing Poster soiled linen pieces should be available tomorrow....have you been to Marui ( 0101 ) Men in Shinjuku, a stone throw away from Isetan? The YY store is on the 8th floor I believe.    The Chinese blazer's sold out in size 2? The paperclip YY pants look very good on you so you should buy them too if your circumstances allow.    No visit to a reseller ( 2nd hand stores )? One of those you should/must visit is 10 Tow on the 4th floor of a...
@sepp please go to Aoyama flagship for crying out loud...your partner needs to feel the full force of YY Femme there, not to mention the excellent Discord range of accessories and YY eyewear too. The Chinese blazer fits really big I guess, old school Yohji fit. The missing poster pieces are worth you trying too, especially the soiled linen iterations, the fabric is excellent, sort of dirty looking, vintage and a sticky feel to it, like a painting.
@sepp The missing poster series is what I would go for myself ( Look 38/39 - think 22nd April ) and the Chinese set up of course ( Look 36 ) which already is available in Tokyo.
@sepp you are there just the right time. New deliveries for the soiled suits ( missing poster series ) imminent in the next 2 days.
MU- is legit, it's AW03 YFM, the collections have gone full circle, 'U' is also the code for SS15. " MISSING ( REWARD ) - NAME:- YOHJI YAMAMOTO ( ANSERS TO THE NAME OF YOHJI ) HE DISAPPEARED AROUND BOND STREET. BLACK HAT, LONG HAIR AND BLACK JACKET. ALWAYS WITH CIGARETTE AND TENDS TO BE FORGETFUL. IF YOU SEE HIM, PLEASE CONTACT +81354651530 "   [[SPOILER]] YYPH SS10 Fedora - ( HJ-H03-965 ) - polyurethane meshYYPH SS15 " Missing Yohji " LS Tee - ( HU-T92-386 ) - cottonYYPH...
@spencerng1 I guess you arrived in Tokyo around the time when YY used/prepared the Aoyama flagship to hold domestic sale presentation ( usually one month after a runway show in Paris, be it Pour Homme or Femme ) for the local buyers. As for stock, to my knowledge Japanese market has about 7/8 deliveries in small increments to keep interests high ( I guess ) throughout the season so customers go back to the stores regularly for new releases, which is good for business...
Comfortable spring outfit the other day.  [[SPOILER]] YYPH SS10 Fedora - polyurethane meshYYPH SS14 Look 39 Chinese Blazer - 100% linen, completely unlined.YYPH SS11 Look 9 Cropped Pants - woven cottonUniglo Tee + Converse.
It's Kitty's ( Kitty & Y's ), out tomorrow exclusively in Japan. 
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