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Nice to see regulars like the shah and Parker posting here again, and great fits and silhouettes as always. It's good to read this forum nowadays as a complete bystander.   Btw Parker I have been told you have acquired something recently that I consider totally grail worthy and let me know when you're tired of it and we can have a talk about passing it on haha 
 Your answer Steven :)  https://www.facebook.com/YOHJIYAMAMOTO.SHINJUKUMARUIMEN/photos/a.750100265026701.1073741917.226953520674714/750100411693353/?type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/YOHJIYAMAMOTO.SHINJUKUMARUIMEN/photos/a.750100265026701.1073741917.226953520674714/750100278360033/?type=1&theater
Re:- YY Femme SS15 Runway Presentation, some of the deconstructed pieces were made with antique ethnic fabrics from South East Asia ( Myanmar, Laos etc ) and because of their scarcity, those pieces will not be entered into mass production, therefore all one-offs. Of the10 or so of those runway samples, only about 3 or less are left, the rest have been sold even before Team Yohji headed back to Japan from Paris, each was sold for circa €15000.... I will try to find out the...
Anything that has an alphabetical size is at least before 2000, anything that's made in France with that " softer " YY signature is quite a bit older than that.
  [[SPOILER]] YYPH AW14 Look 22 Red Rose+Skull Print Blazer - ( HF-J07-160 ) - in black dry hand wool. Size 2. 5B fabric button closure with double metal hook for the buttoned down mandarin collar. 4B non-working cuffs. Psychedelic, amazing rose & skull print with left back long vent opened by zipper with dark metal coffin shaped puller. YYPH SS10 Fedora in polyirethaneYYPH AW04 Madness Series Zipper Pants in black 100 wool gabardine.YYPH AW01 Monkey Boots in black...
@cmjct I won't tell you how much they cost in the Family Sale haha however I can reveal the yellow ones ( same as the blue iteration ) retailed @30240 yen ( sale tax included ) and the tag code is HG-E01-970-2
@cmjct That is correct. I've just bought 2 pairs of ss14 sneakers from the Family Sale, one pair ( yellow low top ) is sz 2 ( my normal YYPH size ), the other pair ( charcoal studded toe box hi top ) sz 3. Both were cut slimmer than previous seasons meaning I wear the sz 2 ones perfectly without socks and the other ones with socks.
Anything with numerical sizing should be worth more than alphabetical ones. YYPH should fetch more on Y! than YFM. Runway pieces should attract more attentiion than non runway ones hence more bids. All generalisations of course, a piece of clothing is only worth whatever one is willing to pay for it.
@hypebeast124 The " 56cm " one has a more dropped shoulder construction as remarked however you need to compare the overall sleeve finish to judge properly. 56/2 + 61 = 89cm vs 47/2 + 64 = 87.5cm. So the " much " bigger ( chest and length massive ) coat only finishes on your hands 1.5cm further than the other one which is a small difference. Over 73000 yen for a YFM pre-2000 coat is a lot for a vintage piece though, quite a steep recycle store markup......
No noticeable difference for MIF YYPH pieces in terms of quality however one needs to remember these pieces are 20+ years old now so it will be grossly unfair to compare those with something made in Japan recently.
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