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It has been a while since a picture was posted and probably first time for a all non-black outfit  YYPH SS14 Look 37 Layered Blazer - ( HG-J16-803 ) YYPH SS14 Look 39 Layered Pants - ( HG-P14-803 ) Dual layered, unequal length intricate construction, outer shell 64/36 cupro/rayon, inner longer layer in soft hand thin cotton. Someone mentioned drape and silhouette of YY pants....these SS14 are obviously amazing in motiionYYPH AW05 LS Tee ( HN-T59-063 ) - cotton YYPH SS14...
YYPH AW16 in about 8 hours.  Expect another stellar show by the Master   
You won't get in unless you're Yohji's friend, a buyer, press, a well known blogger or a celebrity. But then again I can be much mistaken so best of luck
This place is incredibly quiet now.....   A quick hello, outfit from the other week    YYPH AW09 fedora YYPH AW15 YY5006 sunglasses YYPH AW15 Look 21 triple fabric reversible shirt jacket  YYPH AW15 Look 16 cotton twill blazer YYPH AW15 Look 1 triple fabric cropped pants YYPH AW11 monkey boots   Good bye :)
You need to look at the combined shoulder + sleeve measurement to determine where the cuffs will finish on you. The ( relative ) waist suppression is purely subjective, some men may like it that way.
Some YYF jackets/coats have quite a bit of waist suppression, narrowish shoulders and relatively shorter sleeves compared with the same sized YYPH stuff, contributing to a more feminine silhouette.
It's a tag code for your jacket.M stands for Y's for men.L can be aw00 or aw06, impossible to tell which one unless you saw the jacket in person the year it's released or in a Lookbook. Now before someone argues aw00 and aw06 should be T & B respectively, you just have to take my word.J stands for jacket/blazer, 12 is the style number within the jacket catergory in that season.
Thanks for sharing the Isetan staff outfits, they always look awesome and no expenses spared haha especially with the Marble Print set up.  Thought I post one myself, an outfit a few weeks ago to promote more AW15, such an incredible season, unassuming on the runway for some looks, mind boggling in real life.  YYPH AW15 Look 2 Reversible Triple Layered Blazer - HY-J33-803YYPH AW15 Look 1 Drop Crotched Triple Layered Cropped Pants - HY-P09-803For once in here I cannot...
Here are the intricate details of the Thailand vintage fabric on sleeves and under the collar. The double zipper is also incredibly robust and looks indestructible. The pictures certainly do not do enough justice how nice the whole garment is. [[SPOILER]]
It looks real enough to me with a less aggressive typeface. It's from the 80s, perhaps very early 90s when some pieces were fabricated in France.
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