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     Guys, which Carmina last do you find closest to Hiro last? I am size 10.5 D US. I had ordered 9.5 UK in Hiro last. Meermin sent me size 10 UK but fortunately that was perfect fit. Hiro last just hugs all my foot without being tight, just perfect fit. I have tried Simpson ( in size 9.5 UK and size 10 UK) but instep is way too low, width wise size 10UK was ok actually. Forest in size 9.5UK (E width) was way too tight. Rain in size (9.5 UK) seemed little loose (even...
 Thanks Gianni for your detailed reply. I really appreciate it and will definitely keep in mind when I make the purchase. I agree with the comparison being apples vs. oranges. To be honest, I guess I really wanted to know which one gives more value. Meccariello gives last adjustment in his RTW pricing. Novocento provides last adjustment feature but at higher price. I did not realize that there would be that much difference in finishing (to my untrained eye). Like you...
I will be interested as well!
    Thanks a lot guys for your replies, really appreciate it. I will order Bestetti soon I guess.
@j ingevaldsson    Your buying guides and blog are very helpful. I was wondering whether you can compare quality and fit of Bestetti and Meccariello shoes since you have both of them. From what I read, Antonio will adjust lasts based on measurements but will not send trial pair like Bestetti semi-bespoke, am I correct? Both of them seem very appealing to me, just want to decide the order in which I want to spend money :) Thanks!
Not having seen Park last, would Hiro last be an option in MTO? Hiro last fits me better than olfe.
I received my plum museum perforated cap-toes today as well. I tried the shoes on for 2 minutes. Fit is different from Hiro last so I will have to wear it for longer time to see if it suits me. I will put details of the fit compared to Hiro later. Shoes arrived almost flawless. Leather is very nice. Here are quick shots.    
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