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Thanks, tifosi! That helps a lot!
I was looking at rosewood country calf boot. How does sizing work in F64 last? Size 10 E UK in 202 feels large to me, size 10 E UK in 82 last feels great. Should i take same size in F64 or size down to 9.5?
Yes, very curious as well. These are the only two references I have found about Meermin's Japanese shell cordovan. Supposedly it is thinner and softer than Horween shell cordovan, but hold up well. It also mentions that it has mottled effect which we can see in the Meermin GMTO webpage as well kind of like museum shell...
+1. Wow, that was fast! I did not expect them till at least end of February. Really excited about them!
Thanks Leaves! It is really very shocking indeed. I am currently waiting for the St. James II delivery that I ordered from you (shipped today), its long painful wait. I should have upgraded to faster shipping. 
Thank you everybody! I should have purchased them long time ago. Its weird somehow I never could bring myself to spend close to 1K on calf shoes/boots but I happily spent close to that amount on shell cordovan boots. Maybe because of the scarce availability of the shell, you feel like you just won lottery ticket when you are able to purchase shell shoes/boots.  I am glad that DOAK shade came out the way I wanted.   @dalevy I purchased them from upper shoes website. 
Quick iPhone pic of my first Galway! Hopefully they fit me. I like the color on these.
He updated his original post.
^ I am size 10.5 D US in Alden Plaza, Grant, Hampton lasts and size 10 D in Alden Barrie last. My brannock size is 10.5 D US. I take size 9.5 E (which is medium width) UK in 341 last on which Harlech.
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