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Yes, Namor, through GF! I think it was the second run of those boots. Your boots looks great as well!
Purchased these in the summer but only started wearing them recently. Sorry for crappy iPhone pics Carmina 973 in Navy Shell    [[SPOILER]]
I did not realize that Meermin now charges 5% fees if you pay by PayPal! Just heads up, guys!
^ Yes, both of them look fantastic. I already ordered Balmoral Boot! 
Thanks!Thank you! I can see them in my collection for a long time!Thank you!Thank you! October 25 will be fun!Thanks!Thank you!Thanks, Mac! Most of the purchases are clearly inspired by your Aldens!
I've been longtime follower of the the thread, but contributing for the first time! I purchased King LWB from AOC almost a year ago and since then added plaza cap-toe, unlined dover both in color. Managed to get some rare shells in last 2-3 months. Somebody asked for comparison of Whiskey Shell and Ravello Shell from the recent run so here they are! Cigar LWB from AOC, Whiskey  LWB from TSM, Ravello LWB from Alden DC and Ravello PTB from Alden SF.    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the reply. It sure is confusing. I will order both sizes from BB for making sure. Brooksbrothers should list Alden lasts on their website, it will make things way easier!
Great stuff! Can snuff suede be worn with charcoal, navy pants? In this pic, BB unlined toe shape looks different compared the lined Alden one. I have ordered BB unlined loafer in my Barrie size. I read recently BB unlined loafer has been coming in Copley last and one needs to go TTS. What is general consensus?  Also, has anyone ordered from https://www.eljos.com? Alden unlined penny loafer seems to be about 90 bucks cheaper there? 
Sent you pm
^ Thanks! It is on my to buy list.
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