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Thanks for the reply. It sure is confusing. I will order both sizes from BB for making sure. Brooksbrothers should list Alden lasts on their website, it will make things way easier!
Great stuff! Can snuff suede be worn with charcoal, navy pants? In this pic, BB unlined toe shape looks different compared the lined Alden one. I have ordered BB unlined loafer in my Barrie size. I read recently BB unlined loafer has been coming in Copley last and one needs to go TTS. What is general consensus?  Also, has anyone ordered from https://www.eljos.com? Alden unlined penny loafer seems to be about 90 bucks cheaper there? 
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^ Thanks! It is on my to buy list.
Are these boxcalf or shell cordovan? To my novice eyes, these look like shell cordovan. Anyways, those look awesome!
Thanks a lot for the PSA! Managed to grab one for myself too. Let's hope it comes!
@arahat   Sorry for the late reply. I would be interested in one or two of the following. Penny loafer on F last in Whiskey shell cordovan      Plain cap-toe on F last in dark brown        Semi brouge on F last in saddle shell cordovan like the one on left below
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     Guys, which Carmina last do you find closest to Hiro last? I am size 10.5 D US. I had ordered 9.5 UK in Hiro last. Meermin sent me size 10 UK but fortunately that was perfect fit. Hiro last just hugs all my foot without being tight, just perfect fit. I have tried Simpson ( in size 9.5 UK and size 10 UK) but instep is way too low, width wise size 10UK was ok actually. Forest in size 9.5UK (E width) was way too tight. Rain in size (9.5 UK) seemed little loose (even...
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