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I think he was just asking who the background figure was, but good explanation anyhow!
Haha, that's amazing.
Up for grabs is a really interesting pair of shoes, they're made by Frye, and while they're not US-made, I gotta say that these are pretty great quality! The leather is natural, veggie tanned, so it's got the hue that many denim enthusiasts favor. I haven't worn them more than 5 times, but they've already picked up some patina, so I can see that with more serious wear you'd get some really cool visuals! They've been stored with shoe trees, and the soles reveal that they...
Save some money and buy my Meermin Double Monks! Don't pay shipping costs from Europe I bought these a long time ago and got the wrong size and never got around to returning them, so make my loss your gain! You know the details on these, and they're available here: Hiro Last UK 8.5 Dark Brown Calfskin Channeled Leather Outsole Original Box + extras Brand new, never worn I accept PayPal for payment, but please make sure...
Looking to sell my Alden Dover's, they are similar to PTBs - they are unlined so they are unbelievably supple and comfortable (ask anyone that owns a pair of unlined Alden's) - single oiled flex welt sole for an almost sneaker-like feel from Alden's and the previous owner had them Topy'd but they still look phenomenal with them! I've only worn them about twice since I got them and I need to get rid of them to help fund a transitional time (moving costs, you know ). I...
Trying out GlenKaren's Burgundy Shoe Polish and High Polish products. The high polish is awesome, seriously. I'm a total noob at calfskin care and I was able to get a pretty great shine first try However, do have some questions about what I'm supposed to do with the right shoe as it has a damaged area that was darkened by the polish! Check out the video - excuse any mistakes that I made.
Holy moly, that is a nice boot.
Why don't you throw a picture up here - I don't know what H404's are. Assuming you're not talking about the Kudu Indy's are you? B. Nelson can do rubber (by Vibram) soles on goodyear welted shoes for $60 + s/h. (I'm gonna assume that yours are goodyear welted, since nearly all Alden shoes are) Yes, you can put a leather sole if they are goodyear welted - a local cobbler can help you too.
Thank you and everyone else for the kind comments. I had originally wanted to try this myself but... the cobbler offered to do it for free, so why not?
They certainly will - I've dealt with that issue before. I currently have an outstanding order for those same boots @ 50% off lol
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