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Hide em in your ass!
Would you care to elaborate?
SHIT!  Go with a Kristoff Corojo or a Fuente Opus X.  You really can't go wrong.  It depends on how strong you like your cigar.  If you like the light smoke look for a good connecticut wrapper.  If you want a dark smoke look for a maduro wrapper.   There are 9 primes of the tobacco leaf.  The two I ahve mentioned are the lightest and darkest with 7 in between.   Try a few, but don't fuck with Montecristo.    
Triple Maduro, SON!  shit's good as FUCK!
Dude, 99.9% of people are not going to notice the difference.  Seriously.  They are nearly identical.  I guess the real question is do I look fatter in the mirror or in real life?
Camacho Corojo.  They are just plain good cigars.  
To be honest I like Comacho Corojo's.  They are my favorite cigar for around 7-11 dollars u.s. american.  
Well, I'm not super rich (yet).  I must tell you I work in a clothing store and get fantastic deals on nice designer's.  50-90% off. 
No.  I wanted to make sure I was in the right forum.  I like a lot of the labels I've heard.  I've had good luck with, for casual wear:  John Varvatos, Wings and Horns, Woolrich, G-Star (some), Diesel (only the bootcut when i wear my motorcycle boots).  Baldwin, A&G, Levi's, Billy Reid, Lacoste, Band of Outsiders, Burberry, J Linderbeg, Vince, and the list goes on, but not much longer.
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