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Thanks, just edited my post to specify that I'm a US lawyer
Hi all, I'm a US lawyer working in intellectual property protection and I'm interested in making headway into the fashion/apparel industry, mostly because I just plain think it's interesting. However, I'm not very familiar with what steps most clothing companies take to protect their designs and as such, I'm sure how strong of a practice I could build on this. Specifically, I'm interested in the protection of patterns and prints on fabric/textiles.   I have a solid...
quick questions that i didn't think warranted its own thread: 1. am i correct that, if i use saddle soap on a leather product, i should apply some sort of conditioner/oil/balm on it afterward to replenish the oils? i understand that most saddle soaps have some sort of conditioning agent in it, but it seems like applying some sort of conditioner afterwards wouldn't hurt.   2. i have a natural leather wallet that looks kinda gross because the indigo from my raw denim...
random question: i'll be vacationing in brazil (rio) and argentina (buenos aires) in february. is there anything cool/unique that's fashion-related that i could pick up as a souvenir there? or even something that'd be way cheaper in those countries?
so i've decided that i'm going to set a short-term goal of dealing with my stagnant 401k from an old job. i've read in tons of places that you should decide whether to keep your money in an old 401k based on whether the fees/earnings are good, but i have no idea how to judge this. what is considered a high amount of fees? and what's considered a good rate of return?   the plan that i have with my old job has about $10k in it (so not a huge amount of money) and it's just...
lol damn man these are such good points. do you work in finance/banking or some sort of money management industry? one of my recent short-term goals is to have a decent understanding of this stuff 
otc, why aren't you pro-real estate btw? i was leaning slightly towards saving my money towards a down payment for some sort of property to be rented out, but, if i'm being honest with myself, i really only have this idea in my head because a lot of my other fiscally responsible 20-something year old friends are doing the same.
 i don't own a house, but i live in one of my parent's properties so i really just pay the upkeep/taxes/etc on it. right now, i don't particularly have a ton of cash on me, but i probably will at some point next year. so basically, i'm going to need a better place to stick my money than a savings account next summer, and my tax-deferred options are maxed out
just a general question. if you still had money left over after maxing both a 401k and IRA, what would you do with that money?
am i correct in assuming that i could go through the process of rolling my 401k over into a roth ira on the internet? is there a specific company i should go to? i have no idea how to shop for something like this lol
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