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Something like this perhaps: http://www.ctshirts.com/men's-outerwear/men's-coats/Navy-wool-cashmere-classic-fit-overcoat?q=usddefault||OC035NAV|||||||||||||
Nice selection! I especially like the raw silk ties.
Beautiful suit Gianni and love the blue in that tie, wrong thread or not. Thank you for sharing this information.
Teenagers are some of the most viciously mean people you can meet. You'll have to use some common sense and determine what kind of attention you're going to get for your particular situation. If you know much of it will be negative and are willing to accept and deal with that, more power to you. Just a word to the wise. Dressing well means also knowing how to dress properly for all occasions and circumstances. Wear a sport coat and trousers to the beach and you're...
Love the blue in this tie. It really makes the pattern.
I like the pair I got from Chester Jeffries.
Too funny. I actually watched as a close friend of mine get asked by a gal why he was wearing sperm on his tie (granted, we were in high school at the time). What rhymes with hug me, baby?
I wouldn't, but I've seen much worse.
No they don't fuse their collars, at least back about 10 years ago when I last checked in with them. Can't say about the amount of handwork but they do make great shirts.
I prefer to sleep under comforters lined with the feathers of bald eagles and spotted owls.
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