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I have only used Silverline Thomas Mason for my shirts and they've never had a stretching issue. However, the most recent of these is at least three years old so I can't comment on any of the recent offerings. I have a Goldline shirt being made right now and I'll see if the sleeves stay consistent in length after a few washing.
Caruso has a very well established reputation. Unfortunately he's about 50 plus mile north of where you'll be and to get to him you'll have to drive on one of the worst god damned freeway in L.A. Laguna Hills is in Orange County and truthfully, there just aren't any great bespoke tailors down that way. The closest thing to you will be Mytailor.com who has a HQ in irvine (about 15-20 minutes drive from Laguna Hills. The do decent work but general consensus with them is...
And given the extreme nature of some of those animal rights whacko, trying one on might put you at the end of a gunpoint, though blood or paint seems to be what they prefer over bullets.
Nice. Any plans for an overcoat with hidden placket?
Sorry, brainfart. I was thinking unstructured shoulders.
Yes it can be both fully canvassed and unstructured. This is a nice SC. Enjoy!
Ok...I'm convinced. Got to get a pair for myself.
Very nice! Love the coat.
Looks beautiful. Appears to be to notch quality.
I apologize. I can only buy so man pairs of shoes on my own.
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