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I don't know why people think Dysons don't lhave good longevity. I've had my DC14 for some 8+ years now. Never had a problem and it still works fine.
For more casual summer shirts, I like linen/cotton blends. Get the airiness of the linen and still have a bit of wrinkle resistance.
Nice! I'll need to get one.
You should go to the main site for Herring Shoes and do a search. You'll find a few shoes that are very similar in style, though admittedly, not quite as cheap as those since those are on sale. If you spend at least $150 GBP, you can use this code to get 10% off ANDY10
To give a good idea of fit, you should take the picture directly facing the camera and one from the side. Keep hands out of pockets and down at your side. These pictures don't show clearly, but the jacket does appear to be too long.
I suggest getting one from Great Bows. They make a nice formal bow and, best of all, they'll make it to order so you can choose the size of your bow to best match your spouse's face shape and size.
I have only used Silverline Thomas Mason for my shirts and they've never had a stretching issue. However, the most recent of these is at least three years old so I can't comment on any of the recent offerings. I have a Goldline shirt being made right now and I'll see if the sleeves stay consistent in length after a few washing.
Caruso has a very well established reputation. Unfortunately he's about 50 plus mile north of where you'll be and to get to him you'll have to drive on one of the worst god damned freeway in L.A. Laguna Hills is in Orange County and truthfully, there just aren't any great bespoke tailors down that way. The closest thing to you will be who has a HQ in irvine (about 15-20 minutes drive from Laguna Hills. The do decent work but general consensus with them is...
And given the extreme nature of some of those animal rights whacko, trying one on might put you at the end of a gunpoint, though blood or paint seems to be what they prefer over bullets.
Nice. Any plans for an overcoat with hidden placket?
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