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There's not going to be any widespread adaption of the 6.8 SPC or any 6.8 round as a replacement for the 5.56. The Mk262 round is addressing the shortcomings of the 5.56 in shorter barrels quite nicely. Most of the 6.8 SPC usage has been limited to the special forces teams which have more flexibility in terms of what they can or cannot use.
I would guess that the purpose of the 5.56 M-16 was both for the purpose of putting out a larger volume of lead as well as injuring vs. instantly killing the enemy. An injured man requires medical attention as well as the assistance of his fellow solider. In essence, you're trying to tie up as much as the enemy's resources as possible and to divert their attention away from the actual fighting.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter Mute, let me ask this - you will agree that there are criminals who have guns, correct? there are three possible ways that they are getting them (I am assuming that not that many make their own any more) they are either buying them legally, stealing them from legal owners, or buying them from people who have either stolen them or are selling them illigaly. the fact is that there are a hell of a lot of guns...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I calculate this as a cost benifit thing - cars are dangerous, but basically make the american system possible, and bring huge utility. guns kill less people by far, but bring little or no utility. as to how "most" gun owners act, hard to say. for what ever reason, huge nunbrers of guns are stolen every year, and pretty large numbers of people are shot accidentily. that, in itself leads me to believe that...
Yet, despite being designed to kill, guns still kill less people annually than automobiles. God forbid murderers figure out that automobiles are even deadlier weaons. You gun control supporters can't seem to get around the fact that most gunowners behave responsibly. We don't associate all car owners with drunk drivers, yet some people seem to have no problem associating criminals who use guns with all gunowners.
I don't know what is your price range, but I did notice several 34-38R suits on ebay. Serveral are Isaia suits and a southwick on Carlo Franco's ebay store. Here are the link to a couple of them: Southwick from Sartorial Solution (aka Carlo Franco) Isaia suit at Shop The Finest Good luck and good shopping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Possibly a foolish question, but why would one want to own an assault rifle? Yes, it'd be incredibly cool to light up a firing range with one but still, what real purpose would such a gun serve for one's use? And I'm no gun control hound (tho i do support it) Why does it matter? We don't ask Ferrari owners why they need 400+ horsepowers to drive around town.
Many of us poor Californians bought guns before all these idiotic laws. Many owned firearms that are now completely illegal to buy or sell. It doesn't mean no one can own such guns.
I like the silhouette on this suit. Very nice.
Two chicks? I'd take the chance.
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