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Congrats on the new venue. I wish you had more size 36 suits and blazers. Ben is a fine gentleman and I've had good results from purchasing from him.
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ I thought the 20 year old was pretty hard to find at this point (and, if you do, it generally costs something like $200 per bottle). The 16 yo is very good (still pricey at around $70 to $80 per bottle). Yeah. I've got a couple of bottles stashed away in my home. Bought them back when they were about $110 a bottle. I should have bought more.
As Tokyo Slim suggested, take a class. I suggest going to the NRA website and finding a local instructor. He will not only help you learn the proper handling, storage and maintenance of your gun, he should also be able to guide you in making a proper choice in which gun to purchase.
A.H. Hirsch 16 year. 20 year if you like it stiff and strong.
If you're already coming to the U.S. why not? You can alwas take a quick survey here just to get a feel for the response.
Come on. Don't you love a cool car? Why should we expect women to be any different?
A list of reliable online camera dealers who are actually authorized dealers: bhphotovideo.com adorama.com buydig.com beachcamera.com There are others, but these guys seem to have the most competitive pricing for trustworthy dealers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I messed around a little bit. I much prefer the way Nikon's fits in the hand (though I looked at the d200 and d70 as the d80 isn't available yet). Nice big viewfinder on the d200 as well, which I heard is the same vf as on the d80. I may end up getting a d200 since, surprisingly, it's even cheaper than the d80 as far as what's available now. Personally, I would do the same if cost was not an object. The...
Off the bat, I'm a Nikon user. Having said that, I think your choice will depend entirely on what type of photgrapher you are, the type of pictures you'll take and how involve you plan on getting in photography. The D80 has a deeper set of features both in terms of in camera functions and in available accessories. That is also why it will most likely cost about $250+ more than the Canon. If you just want to take the occasional family or vacation snapshot, than...
It's hard to tell from those photos, but I don't see anything particularly bad about the quality or the construction.
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