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I don't know what is your price range, but I did notice several 34-38R suits on ebay. Serveral are Isaia suits and a southwick on Carlo Franco's ebay store. Here are the link to a couple of them: Southwick from Sartorial Solution (aka Carlo Franco) Isaia suit at Shop The Finest Good luck and good shopping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Possibly a foolish question, but why would one want to own an assault rifle? Yes, it'd be incredibly cool to light up a firing range with one but still, what real purpose would such a gun serve for one's use? And I'm no gun control hound (tho i do support it) Why does it matter? We don't ask Ferrari owners why they need 400+ horsepowers to drive around town.
Many of us poor Californians bought guns before all these idiotic laws. Many owned firearms that are now completely illegal to buy or sell. It doesn't mean no one can own such guns.
I like the silhouette on this suit. Very nice.
Two chicks? I'd take the chance.
Actually, in California there is no length limit on folding knives that are not of the "dirk or dagger" persuasion.
Feel free to PM me if you still need the file converted.
There's always room for a gray GP suit. Not as a first, but as a second or third suit, possibly, if the first suit is versatile enough for most occasions.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter EA, let me tie this in with what mute, D, and huntsman said 1. I don't think that you need to be able to rappel to use a firearm I think that the ability to store a firearm safly, draw it under pressure, and use it under pressure, while achieving what you would like to do, without hitting any unwanted targets, is a lot harder than most people think. 2. after having this discussion a number of times on SF, I...
Each have their strengths and weaknesses. What is best will be the one that best suits your temparament, personality and physical makeup. That being said, krav and other similar MMC type arts are good for getting quickly adapted to fighting. More important, IMO, than the specific style is to find an instructor who's teachings focus on actually fighting and self defense and not just the art and forms of the various martial arts. To answer your original question, I...
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