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No one will ever out Bond Connery. Everyone else will always be an imitation. Having said that, I think Dalton and Craig got the physicaly menace part down pat but they both lack the suave quality needed for the Bond character. Moore. Too much of a jokester. After Live and Let Die, you couldn't really take him seriously. Lazenby. Absolutely miscast. He's not a bad actor but just wasn't right for the role. Brosnan. My second favorite, though he's not...
I save the quartz watches for the Casio G-shoks. To me quartz = no soul. But that's just me.
Another vote for solid red.
Like most of the others I do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugly is ugly. Anyone who can look at Janet Reno and claim any form of attractiveness clearly lives in a different plane of existance.
I know nothing. I'm just some dumb American-Asian redneck.
Zagat may not always be correct, but I usually find their rating system to be fairly accurate and certainly much more reliable than any single critic's opinion for any given establishment.
Go over to DP Review. They have in depth tests and reviews of a great number of digital cameras. You should be able to get a good idea of which camera will best fit your needs.
I'm more often referred to as a complete tool, if that helps.
It's hard to tell from those pictures, but the lapels do not look like those on a typical Attolini (real thing, not Luciano).
It's your money. You should buy whatever makes you happy.
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