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Two chicks? I'd take the chance.
Actually, in California there is no length limit on folding knives that are not of the "dirk or dagger" persuasion.
Feel free to PM me if you still need the file converted.
There's always room for a gray GP suit. Not as a first, but as a second or third suit, possibly, if the first suit is versatile enough for most occasions.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter EA, let me tie this in with what mute, D, and huntsman said 1. I don't think that you need to be able to rappel to use a firearm I think that the ability to store a firearm safly, draw it under pressure, and use it under pressure, while achieving what you would like to do, without hitting any unwanted targets, is a lot harder than most people think. 2. after having this discussion a number of times on SF, I...
Each have their strengths and weaknesses. What is best will be the one that best suits your temparament, personality and physical makeup. That being said, krav and other similar MMC type arts are good for getting quickly adapted to fighting. More important, IMO, than the specific style is to find an instructor who's teachings focus on actually fighting and self defense and not just the art and forms of the various martial arts. To answer your original question, I...
I don't know about anyone else, but I've never seen any FAM models at the South Coast Nordstrom.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter Mute, the first thread that I took part in on style forum was about this subject. I feel pretty strongly about the subject. I am sure that you believe that you are right. I don't believe that you are. I spent a little chunk of my life making my living as a gunman, and training people who made their living as gunmen. this type of discussion usually boils down to a dick contest - and I don't feel any need to start...
I'll say this once again. Just because people believe that a gun in civilian hands are more likely to be misused or take away and used by a criminal, does not mean it will. In fact, most of the time, the opposite proves to be true. Most civilians, even the ones without training, do not wind up getting themselves or someone else wrongfully harmed or killed. And before anyone else feel the need to tag me as being overly sensitive to this because I might be one of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bouji I have a Cartier Tank, which is similar to the Reverso, and I have a Calatrava (5119 G), so both of those are similar to watches I already have. Both with black straps. Very nice selections. Of course if you really want to have something different, you could also consider a Corum Golden Bridge, but I think those only come with black staps so you'd still have to change straps.
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