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I know nothing. I'm just some dumb American-Asian redneck.
Zagat may not always be correct, but I usually find their rating system to be fairly accurate and certainly much more reliable than any single critic's opinion for any given establishment.
Go over to DP Review. They have in depth tests and reviews of a great number of digital cameras. You should be able to get a good idea of which camera will best fit your needs.
I'm more often referred to as a complete tool, if that helps.
It's hard to tell from those pictures, but the lapels do not look like those on a typical Attolini (real thing, not Luciano).
It's your money. You should buy whatever makes you happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa I believe the RangerXT is the civilian variant and is open for distribution to anyone. I think the only difference is the color or something. The "razor tips" crap is just marketing. They're just high quality hollowpoints. All Winchester hollowpoints with the Ranger label are LE Only per Winchester's policies. Winchester SXT(sometimes referred to as Same eXact Thing) is different from the Ranger and...
I can't believe some of the crap I read. Hollowpoints don't explode. They expand. But not always. Second. In all my years I have never seen any ammunition labeled as "anti-terrorist." Not even in a video game. Third. Black Talons were not removed from the market, but designated as Law Enforcement Only by the manufacturer. Most likely as CYA and it probably works well as a marketing gimmick to the LE community. Black Talons have since been updated and...
There are too many damn food fascist in this country.
Some people clearly have very poor grasp on history and reality.
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