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Get separates if you want good audio quality. Give Yamaha a try. Most of Sony's stuff is mediocre at best.
Count me as a bigger fan of the older Calatravas, though my personal favorite is the 3919.
Looks like a nice suit. I'd just get a bit of waist suppression and maybe take it in a tad in the skirt area. A great thing about a suit in this color is versatility. Any one of the ties you displayed will work nicely if you choose the right shirt and pocket square.
I recently purchased a pair, the Manchester model. The quality is quite good. I'd say it's better than C&J Benchgrade. The leather is supple and nicely finished and the shoe wears very comfortably. If the rest of the line is similar quality, than it's a fine value given the current pricing.
I'll take it. Please PM with payment type and address. Thanks.
Solid sterling silver cufflinks in the $50 range? Hell yes!
Tried The Sky Room in Long Beach last night for my anniversary. Overall, excellent. Service was attentive and professional. Food was excellent across the board. They had a special venison dish that was one of the best servings of venison I've ever had. Also, the bar on top has 360 views of Long Beach harbor and the city. Live music and a dance floor is available in the main dining area. A good place for special occasions with the S.O.
5' 6" - 7.5 D
I find that it varies a great deal from suit to suit even within the same brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx no photos posted yet, but this is a great suit i think! could be a real steal-- I'd keep an eye on this one, if i were a 36reg http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-Bespoke-Like...QQcmdZViewItem I've already got my eye on that one. Want to see some photos first. Hart makes a great suit, but he seems to favor the new slim look which tends to be a bit 60's for my taste.
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