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If you like the Lange 1815 you should also consider a Patek 3919, my personal favorite for a simple and elegant dress watch. Another consideration would be a Jaeger Reverso Classic.
I've ordered all my Jantzen shirts with the tightest fit on their order form. Be aware that if you do so, it will be very snug against the body. Following their measurement recommendations, I've had to let out 1/2" in the chest and waist and 3/4" in the hip from my first order. They make the hip especially tight. Just an fyi to help you in your order. I have my sizing down to my preference by the third order.
Would you be able to post some pictures? Thanks.
There are a number of cars that I really love but for me the moniker of "cool" belongs to this car:
It does seem, nowadays, that there are more male doormats than anytime I can ever recall. It doesn't mean I believe we need to go back to the Connery "man talk" days, but some guys need to stop being so damn "sensitive." I treat women with respect, but in return I expect a little consideration also.
I don't really care much what the rules says. For me a tie just doesn't hang properly without the dimple. Don't like it at all. Personal preference.
I have not seen a single pair of Santoni FAMs at any of the local Nordstroms including South Coast Plaza.
Quote: Originally Posted by faustian bargain anyone know where i can D/L or torrent the star wars holiday special? i think some screencaps from that would make lovely christmas cards. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suppose you can beat the ever living daylights out of anyone who'd call you a metrosexual. That should pretty much put an end to that idea.
Personally, I found this even funnier: Emperor gets a call
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