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Playing around with my new digital (I'm a long time hold out from the film days). All taken with a Nikon D70s. My youngest daughter during Halloween. I call this one Tough Chick: My wife's cousin. I call this one Paparazzi: And a couple from my gun collection:
I like the vintage look with the Thompson. Looked like a fun time.
Lean towards woven but will buy a print tie if I really like it.
IOW: We know shoes better than you can imagine. Bad customer! No shoes for you! Come back one year!
Dress well and you'll be fine. Have your pants hanging half way off your ass and you'll look like a rapper wannabe with some serious bling. I'm not much for all gold watches myself, but I think it's really a matter of how you carry yourself.
Macallan 18 Glenmorangie Sherry Fino Wood Finish Highland Park 15 Anytime, all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 It's a "europe only" model Are those guys at AE on crack? Why would they make such a nice shoe and not offer it for sale in their own country?
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim The coveted Allen-Edmonds Bancroft. In my size but not my price range. Never seen that one before. It's that an older model?
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris They (Santoni's) look to be a UK F/ US E width. Sounds like they would perfect for you, a bit on the large side if anything! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris As he said, those are almost certainly a British 7, which means US 7.5 - 8. Thanks for the reminder on the sizing. Those familar with Santonis, do you know how the width corresponds to US sizing? I generally wear between a 7.5 and an 8. The deciding factor is usually the width as I usually find narrower shoes uncomfortable because they tend to bind at the small toe. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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