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With the specs on your particular system, the RAM should provide a great deal of performance boost.
Never been a fan of the FIH, too lazy for my book. I prefer either a Shelby or half-Windsor.
A few things to check: - Make sure lens is locked in completely. - Make sure contacts on the camera mount and the lens are clean. Dirty contacts can cause the lens to not work properly. - Make sure, in menu settings, you don't have the AE button activated as the focusing source.
Should actually be labeled, "How to get your severed head put on a pike."
Quote: Originally Posted by j What outfit goes with a FAL? (STG-58) How about an Attolini suit in Marpat?
Next to the tourbillon, a minute repeater is considered one of the most challenging complications to execute in watchmaking. There are a few others like, for example, a perpetual calendar. Hence the price.
Does anyone have any information on that white shirt with the epaulets?
Anyone have info on the white shirt he was wearing when he first arrived at the ocean club in the Caribbean?
Isn't it great? In each of the three biggest bowl games, the favorite lost.
Playing around with my new digital (I'm a long time hold out from the film days). All taken with a Nikon D70s. My youngest daughter during Halloween. I call this one Tough Chick: My wife's cousin. I call this one Paparazzi: And a couple from my gun collection:
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