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Try a local university language class or a professional language school.
Great watch. A bit bulky for my taste, but love the co-axial escapement.
HD LCDs are meant to be watched at much closer size to distance ratios than traditional non-HD TVs. For 8-9 feet viewing distances, you should be watching at least a 40" set.
On a 4/3 camera, the 11-22 is only a 22-44. Wide, but if you're a landscape or nature photographer, that's just barely giving you the type of perspective you're looking for.
I personally prefer vodka martinis but I agree with Nantucket. A martini, by default, should always be gin.
Unless you plan on looking at the print with a magnifying glass, I doubt you'll be able to see the difference if any.
You need to think into the future. Nikon and Canon's DSLR platforms have a long established track record across the entire photographic spectrum (amateurs to professionals). Their accessories and lenses will be around for a long time. The 4/3 format is brand new and there's no telling if it will have the legs for continued development in the future. That aside, it's not a bad format if you're willing to live with the 2x crop factor. If you shoot a lot of photos in the...
Ah...if only it were a 36 or 37, I'd be all over it.
For income property, this arrangement is not unusual and allows you to get into a property that you otherwise may not be able to without PMI. The other option would be to ask the seller if they would carry a portion of the loan. Often times they will and at better rates than any commercial lender.
Quote: Originally Posted by coachvu Hmm, yeah, I looked at B&H photo's website, and although 28-80 seems to be the starter lens for film cameras, 18-55 or other wider lenses seem to be the kit lenses for digital. What is this crop factor you mentioned? With digital, are you never able to fully achieve the widest view of your lens? On many digital SLRs the sensor gives a narrower field of view than a film SLR. On Nikon, their sensors have a...
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