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Look at it this way. If BR takes off and people want to start purchasing BR players, their best value maybe in just getting a PS3 instead of a BR player only given the current prices. If I decided at this point in time to purchase a BR machine, it will most definitely be a PS3 even if I never buy a single game for that system. It just makes sense, money wise, until someone comes out with a BR player that sells for less than $400.
Good luck trying to carve some turns with that thing.
I see nothing wrong with it as long as you know when would be an appropriate time for that coat. Definitely not trad.
Try a local university language class or a professional language school.
Great watch. A bit bulky for my taste, but love the co-axial escapement.
HD LCDs are meant to be watched at much closer size to distance ratios than traditional non-HD TVs. For 8-9 feet viewing distances, you should be watching at least a 40" set.
On a 4/3 camera, the 11-22 is only a 22-44. Wide, but if you're a landscape or nature photographer, that's just barely giving you the type of perspective you're looking for.
I personally prefer vodka martinis but I agree with Nantucket. A martini, by default, should always be gin.
Unless you plan on looking at the print with a magnifying glass, I doubt you'll be able to see the difference if any.
You need to think into the future. Nikon and Canon's DSLR platforms have a long established track record across the entire photographic spectrum (amateurs to professionals). Their accessories and lenses will be around for a long time. The 4/3 format is brand new and there's no telling if it will have the legs for continued development in the future. That aside, it's not a bad format if you're willing to live with the 2x crop factor. If you shoot a lot of photos in the...
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