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Beautiful suits. Too big for me though.
Can you post the measurements for the first suit. Thanks.
That is indeed a beautiful suit. I especially like the fit of the trousers. Very nicely done.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbc Even if that's the case, if your bank is using SSL and a decent challenge-response authentication system, I wouldn't worry about it too much. The problem is letting a hacker know he's found a live system and parking a keylogger onto your system. SSL and challenge-response authentication can't save you from that kind of intrusion. There are ways to protect yourself against that also, but someone who'd log...
lakewolf, I've seen you put some very nice suits up for sale in the forum. Do you ever see any in US size 36?
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe i have used unsecured wireless that is at my apt complex ( i dont know who owns it) with my wireless on my laptop at home . and i did online banking ,ebay, paypal, online purchases, styleforum etc. is this really unsafe? so far i have not encountered any fraud on my accounts and i check every day. It's probably not high risk unless you have hackers in your area looking for signals to hack, but I wouldn't...
I can almost never resist ordering it when I see it on a menu. Same with foie gras. And to those who are trying to ban the latter......@#$W#$ YOU!!!!
Thanks for the info. I'm planning on trying a few shirts with Freddie.
Is it MTM or does he do a pattern just for you?
I'm sure that we all have our preferences and definitions for beauty, but ugly is universal. No one normal is going to look at Janet Reno and think, "Hot damn, I'd hit it." Well, I'd hit it, but with a mack truck.
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