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The blue label line is not bad, though expensive at regular retail price. They also fit on the slim side. Just my opinion, but their 38R fits closer to a 37 which works perfectly for me. Overall I like their quality and style, but I'd wait to get it on sale. Right now, with the additional 30% discount, it's not too bad. I haven't heard a definitive answer on this, but some have said that the Polo II suits are Corneliani suits that may be 1/2 canvassed.
I was already a Megadeth fan. This just makes me a bigger fan.
The code should also be valid at the retail stores. If you find something you like there, ask them for the discount. Usually they'll give it to you even without a printout.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carruthers Does anyone know of a good online utility for setting a monitor's brightness and contrast settings so that the colour will be "true". I ask because I'm finding it difficult to judge the various shades of fabric samples offered on custom dress shirt websites (e.g. Jantzen and tailorstore). That may not be a problem with your monitor but, rather, the pictures in question. However, if you really wish to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyto 1. Get a UV or skylight 1a or 1b filter for every lens you buy, and keep it on the lens always, unless you're using another filter. 2. If you're shooting water or other reflective surfaces regularly, invest in a good circular polarizing filter for each of your lens diameters--it reduces glare, gives better definition to clouds, sharpens colors, and allows you to "see through" glass and water to a limited extent. It's...
On the right cut, I think roping looks fantastic.
Avoid gray market. Not only is there no factory warranty, you may not be able to service the lens at the manufacturer within the country where you made your purchase. Adorama and B&H Photo are two of the better retailers with solid inventories. You might also checkout or That latter two are authorized dealers and often have better pricing. Good luck on your decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sabrosa Ok, so I think I will be picking up a D80 before I leave for Costa Rica in a month. I'm mostly going there for surfing, so it would be nice to have a lens that could take decent surfing pictures from the beach. I don't really want to buy an enclosure to take in-water pictures; since I don't go on surfing trips all that often it will end up collecting a lot of dust. I'm guessing that I would need a lens with good zoom...
How can you put a post like this and not name the store?
If she can't be reasoned with (I suspect she can't) file a restraining order against her for harassment.
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