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Yeah, but I bet she can suck the chrome right off your hitch ball.
Quote: Originally Posted by vinouspleasure Actually it does. I think what you mean to say is that it doesn't keep people from overpaying. The correct strategy at ebay about 99% of the time is to place your bid in the last second(s) of the auction. I am mystified why anyone bids on an item before the end of an auction. Because if two people have the same maximum bid in mind, the first one in gets it. It's because of sniping that prices get...
Quote: Originally Posted by lifersfc You are wrong. Bidding on an item gives others the affirmation that someone out there is willing to pay the price, thus justifying their own desires and raising the perceived value of the item and amount of money they are willing to pay for it. By sniping, you never reveal your interest in the item, ensuring that others do not raise their maximum bids as a result of your interest. It's a pretty well established...
If you have a maximum you won't go above, just set that as the maximum and bid early. If a sniper beats you he's willing to pay more than you are. I don't see why this is so hard. This kind of competitive mentality is why so many things on ebay are overpriced nowadays. I've seen people bid as much as NIB retail price for used items. It's idiotic.
This should be interesting. Thomas Crown Affair was very good. Loved Rene Russo. Maybe we'll see some more Campagna/JLC combos.
One of my favorite football coach. RIP.
Seems kind of pointless to get a perpetual calendar watch and not allow it to do what it was created to do, run a watch calendar without the need to reset month end dates and make leap year adjustments. I suppose if one enjoys making the manual adjustments and not want to have to deal with the complexity, one can get the Ulysse Nardin GMT Perpetual. That would be my choice.
You need to know what kind of connection your ISP uses for your internet connection. Many DSL connections nowadays are just plain DHCP which maybe what you need to set on your router's internet connection method. If your modem was connecting without a problem before all this, I'd leave it alone and concentrate on the router's settings.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I see by the papers that there is a new movie coming out in November that is a very loose interpretation of the classic Anglo-Saxon epic "Beowulf" (which also happens to be the only surviving, albeit in fragmentary form, Anglo-Saxon epic. One of the stars is Angelina Jolie. She plays, of all things, Grendel's dam! I gather she speaks in an "Old English Accent"...whatever that may be! Angelina doing accents was pretty...
No contest. The Cayman is a better drive.
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