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Avoid gray market. Not only is there no factory warranty, you may not be able to service the lens at the manufacturer within the country where you made your purchase. Adorama and B&H Photo are two of the better retailers with solid inventories. You might also checkout buydig.com or beachcamera.com. That latter two are authorized dealers and often have better pricing. Good luck on your decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sabrosa Ok, so I think I will be picking up a D80 before I leave for Costa Rica in a month. I'm mostly going there for surfing, so it would be nice to have a lens that could take decent surfing pictures from the beach. I don't really want to buy an enclosure to take in-water pictures; since I don't go on surfing trips all that often it will end up collecting a lot of dust. I'm guessing that I would need a lens with good zoom...
How can you put a post like this and not name the store?
If she can't be reasoned with (I suspect she can't) file a restraining order against her for harassment.
That guy's post was the fashion world's equivalence to the mall ninja. Little bits of truths and factoid thrown in with a whole lot of general idiocy.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin No, he'd return change in an amount that was the EXACT difference between the amount of his bill and the amount of cash he gave the server. If the server were halfway intelligent THAT amount would consist of bills that would make tipping convenient. Thank you. You said it better than I did.
The UN is hardly a good model to define the badness of the U.S. and the goodness of the rest of the world, especially since many of these so-called humanitarian efforts are carried out predominantly at the expense of U.S. military blood.
And what, exactly, have these disapproving countries done for the rest of the world compared to the U.S.? I rest my case. This country may not be perfect, but I don't see where any of these critics have any kind of moral high ground from which they make their judgements.
And if a server were halfway intelligent, he'd return change in an amount that could easily be used for tipping. I'd give you just a little extra just for using your brain.
Where the hell do you live? I've never been anywhere where short-changing is either standard procedure or acceptable.
New Posts  All Forums: