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Let us know who this recommended shirt maker is. The only shirtmaker here in L.A. that I feel can deliver to Freddy's level of workmanship or better is Anto, and their shirts cost a good deal more than Freddy's. We had it good price wise.
Damn! Ralph ripped off Archer.
If this was all that mattered, we'd all work as actuaries.
A Navy blazer would never go wrong in this situation but as you said, a touch boring. Maybe you can help your spouse find a nice sports coat instead. One that has a little life but not too garish and maybe pair it with a nice cotton/linen blend shirt.
Check out Cairo Tailor in San Marino. They're not cheap but they know what they're doing. I have all my tailoring work done by them.
If you want a chrono get the IWC. If you just want a simple dress watch, get a Reverso. Better yet, get both.
I know the feeling.
My last few black tie events have all been fundraising galas and as noted, more and more are choosing black tie optional vs required.
People can innovate all they want. It's their prerogative. However, when they fail spectacularly it's our prerogative to lambaste and ridicule them to oblivion.
Can't say I recall ever seeing the salesmen in Nordstrom wearing what are obviously MTM or bespoke suits. Many were well dressed, in suits and ties - better than the general public - but not quite at the level you've described.
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