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I find the Indy boot fits best when I go down 1/2 a size.
I'd rather see a pack run loose on Capitol Hill, but that's just me.
No kidding. I was rooting for the dinosaur to kill all the humans in the second movie.
Love the white cords! Love it!
Thanks for the update. Hope your shirt turns out well. I need to order some more shirts and have been looking for a shirtmaker since Freddy retired. Sounds like he has a decent selection of fabric.
I prefer no shoes at all. Blood is a killer on antiquing. Otherwise, I love wholecuts.
I personally wouldn't go with the plain cufflinks unless the metal tone is a perfect match. Otherwise, I'd stick to the set.
Beautiful hat. I'm debating between getting this or a Brent Black Hemingway.
Thought you gentlemen might find this interesting, especially those of you here in the L.A. area: http://www.insidehook.com/jonas-bell-pashts-suit-collection
Samuelsohn makes a good suit even if it's not quite at Oxxford's level. Certainly nothing to complain about. If you like them, it's an excellent choice. However, If you still want to get an Oxxford suit but want a more contemporary look, check out their Radcliff line. No one will ever mistake those for sack suits.
New Posts  All Forums: