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A few things to consider, since this isn't going to be an apples to apples comparison: - The RLBL is a large, international retailer and has all the advantages that is offered by such an entity. KW is a small business, which might take a little time to respond to customer issues, but more likely to deliver a more personal experience. - RLBL suits tend to be more contemporary with an eye towards current fashion trends, so you're going to see narrower lapels and a...
What would make me angry is if they had actually sold any of those.
I feel for you. It's tough finding anything smaller than UK6.
If the RTW pants are made to the same quality as the MTM pants you'd be in for a great value. The trousers that came with my MTM suit is very good quality and the cut is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. One of my favorite pair of trousers. Of course if you truly want to have access to the nicer cloths there's no reason not to pay the extra for the MTM.
I'm a US 7.5D and haven't had too much trouble especially with the recent growth of quality shoe vendors on the internet (e.g. Leather Soul Hawaii, Skoaktiebolaget, etc...). I've also had some luck on the buy/sell here at SF as well as some of the ebay vendors.
Love it! I need a pair of those in Burgundy.
I find the Indy boot fits best when I go down 1/2 a size.
I'd rather see a pack run loose on Capitol Hill, but that's just me.
No kidding. I was rooting for the dinosaur to kill all the humans in the second movie.
Love the white cords! Love it!
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