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Santoni offers a wide range of shoes. A lower end model selling for a decent price is not suspect. Double check Santoni's sizing vs. American sizing before you buy.
Couple of things. Sartoriale is a reliable seller of high end products. I've always had good result with them. Second, nothing in the description says its a 3 roll 2 so it's best to contact the seller to confirm. I don't know who made the suit you purchased, but Sartoria Partenopea does make quite good number of their 3 button suits rolled to the 2nd button. In fact, all the ones I've seen from them have been 3 rolled 2 instead of a traditional 3 button roll.
I suggest taking a look at Kent Wang and having one made to your specs.
Skip the bowtie. Too much like, "I don't have a tux but trying to look like I do."
Stunning! The sole treatment is incredible. Hell, I'm excited FOR you.
^^^This would be my first choice. I'd also consider either a Cariter Tank Francaise or Tank Americaine.
Kent, when do you plan on offering MTM overcoats for online customers?
Too much? Not if you want it done right. Find someone cheaper and report back with your results.
I live in Southern CA and it will depend to on the weight of the flannel. However, summers are pretty much a no go as is much of the early parts of fall and late spring. The lighter flannels might be ok outside of summer time.
A few things to consider, since this isn't going to be an apples to apples comparison: - The RLBL is a large, international retailer and has all the advantages that is offered by such an entity. KW is a small business, which might take a little time to respond to customer issues, but more likely to deliver a more personal experience. - RLBL suits tend to be more contemporary with an eye towards current fashion trends, so you're going to see narrower lapels and a...
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