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A couple of suggestions. Go back to standard button setup and maybe increase your yoke by about 1/2" or so. Something is causing the pulling in the upper area and if it's not the chest or shoulders (which look fine) it could be the yoke. Hard to tell without pictures of the back or seeing shirt in person.
That GMTO is the bomb! If I weren't looking for something other than a wingtip I would have been all over that one.
Sammy, the owner of Ascot Shoes is very easy to work with and he makes sure all of the details and your choices are correct before ordering, including picking the right size. The price I quoted is with VAT removed. Now that you mention it, I should get a belt to go with these new shoes.
Best to see in person. I have a pair of EG Westminster in Dark Oak and not really much of a red shade to its finish. The Vass Oxblood.....awesome. I just ordered a MTO pair in oxblood and bordeaux because I was looking for something with a hint of red tone. It was between that and burgundy. For under $1000 Vass MTO is very hard to beat. I'm getting mine through Ascot Shoes over in the UK. The MTO cost ranges from GBP 550-590 which works out to approximately $800-860...
Fit the shoulder first. Also, usually easier to size down than to size up.
Edward Green Tewkesbury.
Damn! These are a steal. Half size too small for me.
Looks like the real deal. It's a Fatte E Mano, which is better than their base models. $299 is a good deal for these.
Santoni offers a wide range of shoes. A lower end model selling for a decent price is not suspect. Double check Santoni's sizing vs. American sizing before you buy.
Couple of things. Sartoriale is a reliable seller of high end products. I've always had good result with them. Second, nothing in the description says its a 3 roll 2 so it's best to contact the seller to confirm. I don't know who made the suit you purchased, but Sartoria Partenopea does make quite good number of their 3 button suits rolled to the 2nd button. In fact, all the ones I've seen from them have been 3 rolled 2 instead of a traditional 3 button roll.
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