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Return these shoes. I don't think there's much you can do to get that imprint out.
Beautiful shoes. Can't wait to get my MTO order.
You can go with the calf and give it a high polish, like a spit shine. Most people won't be able to tell and it will look fine. Of course, if cost isn't an issue, as others have stated, patent will be best, as it completes the look.
I'd probably go along this line. Simple and elegant. No need to do more.
Looks pretty clean to me. Maybe a tiny bit more room in the waist, otherwise, I can't find anything that looks off. Do you find the fit uncomfortable?
I can understand the pride you take in wearing something you made but matching it to a dinner jacket is just plain ugly. Sorry that's my opinion. Better to go with a suit than something as formal as a tux if you want to wear that specific bow tie.
One other thing about Shop The Finest. His inventory is much deeper than on the website. You should contact the owner for a private visit so he can pull more items out for you that you won't find on the website.
I don't know your budget, but based on where you've looked so far, I suggest you check out Shop The Finest. Ian, the owner, has a warehouse in Santa Monica. His inventory tend toward the higher end but if it's in your budget, you have a good chance of finding what you want. Also, check out Ralph Lauren in Beverly Hills.
I wouldn't.
Your unique physique may require the help of an experience custom shirtmaker to produce a shirt that address some of these issues. This is not to take anything away from Proper Cloth, as I have several shirts from them and have been quite happy with the results. However, an experienced custom shirtmaker may be able do things that a shirt production line - even one that takes custom measurements like Proper Cloth - cannot do, to deal with some of the fit idiosyncrasies...
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