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Beautiful! That will be quite the deal!
Love that color. Absolutely stunning!
Nicely done! I love navy. Also love the suede and calf combination.
Getting a pair of MTO in also. V Cap Oxford in K Last. Bordeaux and Oxblood:
Return these shoes. I don't think there's much you can do to get that imprint out.
Beautiful shoes. Can't wait to get my MTO order.
You can go with the calf and give it a high polish, like a spit shine. Most people won't be able to tell and it will look fine. Of course, if cost isn't an issue, as others have stated, patent will be best, as it completes the look.
I'd probably go along this line. Simple and elegant. No need to do more.
Looks pretty clean to me. Maybe a tiny bit more room in the waist, otherwise, I can't find anything that looks off. Do you find the fit uncomfortable?
I can understand the pride you take in wearing something you made but matching it to a dinner jacket is just plain ugly. Sorry that's my opinion. Better to go with a suit than something as formal as a tux if you want to wear that specific bow tie.
New Posts  All Forums: