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Edward Green Tewkesbury.
Damn! These are a steal. Half size too small for me.
Looks like the real deal. It's a Fatte E Mano, which is better than their base models. $299 is a good deal for these.
Santoni offers a wide range of shoes. A lower end model selling for a decent price is not suspect. Double check Santoni's sizing vs. American sizing before you buy.
Couple of things. Sartoriale is a reliable seller of high end products. I've always had good result with them. Second, nothing in the description says its a 3 roll 2 so it's best to contact the seller to confirm. I don't know who made the suit you purchased, but Sartoria Partenopea does make quite good number of their 3 button suits rolled to the 2nd button. In fact, all the ones I've seen from them have been 3 rolled 2 instead of a traditional 3 button roll.
I suggest taking a look at Kent Wang and having one made to your specs.
Skip the bowtie. Too much like, "I don't have a tux but trying to look like I do."
Stunning! The sole treatment is incredible. Hell, I'm excited FOR you.
^^^This would be my first choice. I'd also consider either a Cariter Tank Francaise or Tank Americaine.
Kent, when do you plan on offering MTM overcoats for online customers?
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