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Frigging awesome. I need to order something. Hmmmm.....Inverness or Oundle......
Forget the label sizing and determine if the measurements work for you. And yes, those are small for a 38s. They're on the smaller side of 36.
If you're spending money responsibly, even if it's a great deal, I don't see where there's a reason to feel guilty. Are you oppressing the downtrodden with your consumerism? Give me a break. If you feel guilty that's your prerogative, but don't project your feelings or reasoning onto others.
My opinion on this has always been that, unless a person's lifestyle has a negative impact on them or others, it's really nobody's damn business.
Your choices are fine for the most part, however, if you're getting a bespoke suit, either get all the sleeve buttons functional or not at all. The only reason people leave a button undone is to show-off their garment as something out of the ordinary. Opinions are mixed about this practice (I personally don't favor it - leaving buttons undone, that is). If you stay in fairly good shape, a Neapolitan cut is a good choice, but I suggest you try different styles and find...
I'll don a fedora when it rains, otherwise, it's just too uncommon to not look out of place with one.
Shape of the second pair looks good for you, but I'd go with a smaller frame. You're a guy, forget the Paris Hilton/The Fly look.
Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass.
EG for me. Their 888 last just fits me better than anything else.
If they're out of stock online your best bet is to try calling individual stores. I suggest the Madison Ave store in NY. the Chicago store and Beverly Hills as those are there largest store and most likely to carry more BL and PL items.
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