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Dude! Those overcoats are the bomb! And great prices too....oh to have one in 36R.
Steal them from a pimp?
I sized down by 1/2 on my 403s and they fit just fine. Go with the 1/2 size down recommendation unless you have some unusual fit issues.
If your GF's experience with black tie is truly as she suggests, she's hanging out with too damned many people who take their fashion cues from watching red carpet events on Entertainment Tonight. I have yet to attend any black tie event where your GF's styling cues are the norm. If you want to look as "trendy" and clueless as the rest of the hip crowd, be my guest. While proper black tie dress may not have the "in" look, it will never be out of place.
When I kick hippies, I prefer my combat boots to have steel toes and black seams.
No pick stitching. But that's just my opinion. To akatsuki, don't go without pockets on the jacket. Black tie isn't the place to mess with atypical affectations. Otherwise your ideas sound great.
Please, please, please, go get a white shirt and another suit in navy, charcoal or a mid to dark grey. For starters.
I have a burgundy blazer. For shirts, I usually go with a cream color or a light, lilac. Occasionally a light green. Mostly grey trousers, from medium to dark. Khaki should be ok also.
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