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Never cared much for the aesthetics.
Cheaney makes a decent shoe. With the 20% discount, it's a good value.
Everyone should have at least one pair of black shoes. However, I wouldn't go with longwings if it was just one pair. I'd just get a cap toe balmoral.
That might not necessarily be true. The model in the link is 6'2" and he's wearing a 40S? For the OP who's 5'5", the sizing might be ok. Given his proportions, however, he might look top heavy with a DB and add to the short effect, IOW, a DB jacket is probably not his best choice.
Obi Wanna Jerkoff?
I just received one of his belts in medium brown. I'd say that medium is probably a better match to the AE walnut color. BTW, it's a very nice belt. Good quality leather.
I don't know about those specific ones but you might want to try checking out Red Wing boots. They should have something that is very similar.
Beautiful tie. Nice share.
If you go to Fashion Island be sure to check out Gary's and if you have time, go to their outlet in Tustin (Gary's Rack).
If you're only interested in shoes, not many choices. South Coast is still worth a visit. You won't find C&J but you can check out Ferragamo's Ralph Lauren, Allen Edmonds and John Lobb.
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