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Not a fan, but I'll take wide over skinny unless it's hideously out of proportion.
The latter is a result of ignorance as much as it is poor taste, if not more so. The only true instruction from that is, one should gain some knowledge to assist in their experimentation, not your conclusion which, let's just say it, is boring. If one were of the opinion that white was the go to (no, that's not my conclusion), would you still call it bold?
Now you see. That's a reasonable statement. I'll admit that about 75% of my shirts fall into this category, but some variety is good for the soul. Who dares, wins.
Oh good lord. Just when your recent postings have started to sound reasonable -I actually wanted to defend your POV on some these posts - you come up with another silly OneWhatever post. I'd probaly find these threads amusing if I didn't believe you truly mean it. Why don't you just consolidate your threads, call it OneFap and be done with it?
Does anyone really wish to buy a trench that is named wet testicles?
Brown shell perhaps.
If you shop around, you can get a JLC Reverso around $3500. Admittedly, just outside your stated budget, but a much better choice than most watches in this price range. This is a tricky price point. It's easy to pay too much or not enough for something much better. If you must stay in budget, I suggest an Omega De Ville.
God damned parasites.
Why? Because I can and I like the higher quality shoe. Why should anyone care if it's "approved" of here in SF?
Sorry, gonna have to side with your wife.
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