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Thanks Ian!
I agree with cptjeff regarding the sizing. I'm roughly the same size and weight and I find the 46s to be a better fit, unless, like you described, you like the fashion forward, just a bit too tight look.
Even as a Californian, I've found at most black tie events, that a majority of the attendees are in fact wearing some kind of waist covering. The exception seems to be when they choose a straight tie over a bow tie.
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
You're only going to wear one specific set of clothing when it rains? What if it rains several days in a row?
If you're going with the white shirt, throw in a little color. I'd go with the burgundy tie and get a ps with some colors that will complement the tie.
I actually think they're a bit better than Zegna mainline, Canali...etc. They have some very nice cuts and cloth. If anything, I think they're underrated.
I ordered a suit from Harry. Turns out he's a Nigerian prince and his suits are equal to the quality of a Kiton K50 suit at a fraction of the price without the middle man involved.
Just add a nice simple black tie to that outfit. Forget the bow tie. It makes you look like a waiter. Put on a red jacket and you can look like a parking attendant.
Here in the U.S. cocktail attire will see most of the men wearing dark suits, not tuxedos. Go with the charcoal.
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