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I have one of his belts. It can go dress or casual, though I generally prefer my casual belts slightly less thick. Nevertheless, IMHO it's a very nice quality belt that will last a long time.
Very nice!
Your shoulders are close, so I'd take it to a good tailor for an opinion on whether he can make it work for you. If he can without too heavy a cost, it might be worth a try.
One of your best post ever. Bravo! I don't care too much for used shoes either. As to the OP's question, if I like it and I can afford it, I buy it. I'm generally fairly responsible in my spending with a few minor exceptions (some things you just have a passion for and your spending will often reveal what those are). I don't presume to speak for anyone else as to whether their spending is justifiable or even needs to be justified.
While a great tailor can certainly make the tux fit, you need a great deal of re-working. It will probably be more economically sound to start with a smaller size and see how well it fits. Might only need some minor adjustments.
Make a great warm weather sportcoat.
Go down to a 34.
Unless you're in the entertainment industry, that suit will NEVER be appropriate for a business setting. I suggest you get yourself a nice traditional navy or charcoal (not black) suit. As for that suit reflecting cutting edge thinking, that's just wishful thinking. During a job interview, the only thing a flashy outfit will show to a potential employer is that you are an inexperienced neophyte who has yet to develop sound judgement on how you properly present yourself...
If you like the Gatsby tux, you can always tuck those stupid flaps into the pockets.
Thanks Ian!
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