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Love the blue in this tie. It really makes the pattern.
I like the pair I got from Chester Jeffries.
Too funny. I actually watched as a close friend of mine get asked by a gal why he was wearing sperm on his tie (granted, we were in high school at the time). What rhymes with hug me, baby?
I wouldn't, but I've seen much worse.
No they don't fuse their collars, at least back about 10 years ago when I last checked in with them. Can't say about the amount of handwork but they do make great shirts.
I prefer to sleep under comforters lined with the feathers of bald eagles and spotted owls.
Shoulders are a touch wide and you have too much waist suppression, especially in the back, which is probably why you have the flaring of the vents. Also, it looks like your shoulders slope more than the suit is cut for. For the trousers, make the legs fuller from top to bottom.
My first question would be if you have a specific budget in mind? If you have some flexibility in how much you can spend, we do have two very good shirtmakers here in the L.A. area, Freddy Vandercasteele in Studio City and Anto in Beverly Hills. It will cost more, but the shirt will fit great and construction and overall quality will be better than most all of the MTM shirtmakers.
Kent will make the recommended adjustments close enough that I wouldn't worry about having it done. At worst, some minor adjustment at a local tailor will get it perfect. When I did my suit with Kent, the sleeve length turned out perfectly.
No one interviewing you for a job will care (and probably will not even notice) that you're black dress shoes are plain toe instead of captoe. If you prefer one over the other that's perfectly fine and feel free to give your opinion based on that preference.
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