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That particular last may just not work well for your feet. Not much you can do.
I have a large enough collection that I just buy whatever I feel like getting at the moment. Can be one or several. I get my shirts from a local shirtmaker so no shipping charges to consider and no real advantage or disadvantage to ordering either just one or multiple shirts.
Cairo Tailoring in San Marino. I use them on a regular basis and they do good work.
I opted for pleats on my first suit order and Kent's suggested adjustments worked out well. I usually find many trousers to be a bit snug in the thigh when everything else fits and I didn't have that problem on my order with Kent. I also needed to let out the waist and seat a bit but I didn't ask for any change in the thighs because the try-on was fine in that area.
Even Ralph Lauren offers half-canvassed and fused suits. Granted the fused crap is just that. Nevertheless, it hasn't exactly hurt their image. More choice for the customer is usually a good thing.
Too many things happening here. I'd put in a solid somewhere. Either the tie or the shirt.
Some good stuff OP. Nicely done.
I had one made a while back and it's a good product. Certainly worth the price. I would put the quality of their workmanship at least on par with some of the Samuelsohn suits I've seen, if not better. Can't comment on Lim or mytailor. I would recommend Kent without any hesitation. The one advantage you may have with mytailor and Lim is that they are here in LA/OC so you can meet them in person for measurements and adjustments. I will say that I like the silhouette...
All good choices, but of these three, I'd go with the Glashutte.
Why would you need the brand? You can easily avoid them by sight alone.
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