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Why? Because I can and I like the higher quality shoe. Why should anyone care if it's "approved" of here in SF?
Sorry, gonna have to side with your wife.
Frigging awesome. I need to order something. Hmmmm.....Inverness or Oundle......
Forget the label sizing and determine if the measurements work for you. And yes, those are small for a 38s. They're on the smaller side of 36.
If you're spending money responsibly, even if it's a great deal, I don't see where there's a reason to feel guilty. Are you oppressing the downtrodden with your consumerism? Give me a break. If you feel guilty that's your prerogative, but don't project your feelings or reasoning onto others.
My opinion on this has always been that, unless a person's lifestyle has a negative impact on them or others, it's really nobody's damn business.
Your choices are fine for the most part, however, if you're getting a bespoke suit, either get all the sleeve buttons functional or not at all. The only reason people leave a button undone is to show-off their garment as something out of the ordinary. Opinions are mixed about this practice (I personally don't favor it - leaving buttons undone, that is). If you stay in fairly good shape, a Neapolitan cut is a good choice, but I suggest you try different styles and find...
I'll don a fedora when it rains, otherwise, it's just too uncommon to not look out of place with one.
Shape of the second pair looks good for you, but I'd go with a smaller frame. You're a guy, forget the Paris Hilton/The Fly look.
Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass.
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